The top 8 things you MUST know about Sony's Gamescom press conference

GamesRadar: Couldn't catch a flight to Cologne? Flat-out leery of Germans? We've got you covered with the crib notes from Sony's 2010 Gamescom press conference, including some fantastic new trailers.

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Anime-Vixen3106d ago

♥ Sony had so many surprises! They did a great job! I can't wait for Mass Effect 2 ♥

SeanRL3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Ok, with the hearts! Really? Nobody likes twilight

I think she's girlgamers alt.

- Ghost of Sparta -3106d ago

It's ok she's probably 10 years old. Sony dominated all of Gamescom on day one. Funny how the 360 fanboys went crazy over the garbage that was FFXIII, which by the way is the worst FF ever, while they just lost their best RPG. It's over for Microsoft now. They're going casual with Kinect and throwing in the towel on hardcore gaming. They have NO games coming up.

VersusEM3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

No, the Worst Final Fantasy is VIII, your just saying it's the worst cause
its on 360 and lack of contint. In fact, 50% chance bet probably didn't
play it.

Foliage3106d ago

What the hell... VIII was far from the worst. Stop being an idiot.

13 was close to the worst, no matter what platform it was on. XI was on the 360, getting XIII on the 360 wasn't as big a deal as you'd like it to be.

Obama3106d ago

Am I the only one who enjoyed ff 13? Surely it's not the best ff, but it was fun. In any case Sony won Gamescom and this is just common sense.

MS got Harry Potter though so this may be big news for 360 fans.

sikbeta3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Guys, why care about the x-crowd now? let them play their "hardcore" games and just Enjoy the Awesomeness of the PS3 line-up, more and more awesome games coming to even care about others...

PS3 Gamers WIN!

0mega43105d ago

hands down way better than there showing at E3

with an epic holiday season awaiting us all

AndrewRyan3105d ago

If you have not experienced Mass Effect 2 yet... I feel sorry for you. I don't care if your PC is from 1997, get mass effect 2 and play it on low settings.

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EXID3106d ago

anime-vixen HAS to be a dude who's just effing with us lol

Chapulin3106d ago

they fix the enemy AI in Mass Effect 2.

theEnemy3106d ago

Mass Effect 2 = pumped!

Resistance 3 = hyped!

damn I can't wait till they show more info about R3.


Redempteur3106d ago

i agree there was a lot for everyone

Alvadr3105d ago

Hee he haha, im a vampire... Look at me, I sparkle.. la de daaaa. Im over 100 years old but still in high school doo de doo.

avengers19783105d ago

Sony is doing amazing things and it shows there software sales are up and there console sales are up. There are so many great games coming out I might have to file for unemployment just to get enought time to play them.

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Need to check out MAG with Move.

raztad3106d ago

MOVE was preordered the minute I learned MAG is supporting it.

rdgneoz33106d ago

Yah, love how MAG is getting Move support. Curious when they'll be doing the patch, hopefully to coincide with the Move release and not a few months after.

Omegasyde3106d ago

Mag is getting move support? Hot damn.

I just canceled my preorder because of the delay of socom 4... Guess I will "re-pre-order" it.

Lovable3106d ago

TGS will destroy this though. I can't wait for that

sikbeta3105d ago

Yep, TLG + FFvs13 + Team ICO Collection is more than Enough...

Mucudadada3106d ago

Sony really brought it at their conference. It was a fantastic day all around for gamers!

2FootYard3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

I hated Mass Effect before but now its the best game ever!

TO the gentleman below me.

Are you bitter that I'm pointing out these guys hypocrisy?

What damage control?

Lovable3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

You still bitter that it will be release for the PS3? Let it go. It's just a game.

Not really. As far as I can remember, many PS3 gamers were bitter that they can't play the game when it was released. However, they did not diss it as being an awful game. Many of them were wishing for it to go to the PS3 for the longest time, so I don't see the hypocrisy here.

You however, is in every article doing damage control as if you lose something extremely precious to you. Like I said, let it go. Move on...

Foliage3106d ago

"I LOVED Mass Effect 2 before, but now it's mediocre and not as good as the first elevator simulator!"

Hypocrisy? Riiiiiight.............

Omegasyde3106d ago

There actually wasn't alot of hate for Mass Effect 2. There was however alot of hate for Final Fantasy 13. I just beat it two days ago, and the ending made no damn sense.

The side quests (mission markers- cieths things) suck, and it is the worst final fantasy after FF12.

I honestly don't know how good Final Fantasy Versus is going to be if its set in the same "universe" as final fantasy 13.

lomion53106d ago

So far it's been the only Final Fantasy after 12...

....wait a sec, I get it.

In all seriousness I actually thought 12 was worse. But thats just me. 13 was no gem to be sure.

Essel3106d ago

Did you ever play X-2?

Universe simply means the mythology and themes that surround the game. They may share the universe, but each game of the XIII series has its own independent story, gameplay, music, characters, etc. made by different people. There's no reason to hold something from one game against the other.

lomion53105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Ima be honest, I try not to think about X-2. It's like Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, maybe it'll just go away if I don't think about it.

sikbeta3105d ago


I can do the same:

"I didn't know WTF was Final Fantasy or WTH is an JRPG before but in March I realized that it was coming to my console of choice and was the best game ever!" -> even if the port was garbage...


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