NEW MotorStorm High Definition Trailer

An all-new MotorStorm trailer has been released, in high definition goodness.

Check it out below.

MotorStorm is due to be released with the PlayStation 3 on November 17th. The dirt racer will feature a range of vehicles, including dirt bikes, ATVs and rally cars.

Download: MotorStorm High Definition Trailer (MOV, 32MB

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TheXgamerLive5396d ago (Edited 5396d ago )

Show actual "in game" "in engine" footage and not CGI. You can't (shouldn't anyways) say how good a game is or is going to be w/o actual in game demo'd footage and not PC created footage.
If this is going to be the great game that they'd lead you to believe, then show you the footage.
For a supposed November release, you should already of had this months ago.
This is one and I repeat just "one" of the reasons I know that PS3 wont launch or be close to a November launch this year.
Yes, I'm a major believer and lover of the XBOX 360, but I'd love for sony to deliever and Nintendo as well, so we'd see the next gen.competition make the developers produce better and better games. But, I'm afraid sony has/is continuing to faulter w/o reason. Yes, there's bottleneck issues, blu ray issues, and even major cell yield issues and that's not all, not to mention no final specs and poor DEV kits being shipped out and faultering. So, will it happen this year?? Maybe next year, if so what changes will sony make to the system to make it playable w/o major bottlenecking, etc...?? All new including Nintendo has/had release issues, but these aren't just a small manufacturers assembly isues, these are design and build flaws and more....

All of you that truly believe in sony , no, not you achira, lol, what do you all think will happen this year?? Will the ps3 launch?? Has anyone heard anything official on those issues I mentioned being addressed and corrected??

Bill Nye5396d ago

If you watched the videos from E3 you'd know that this trailer is recorded from in-game assets.

This is old anyway.


They showed a trailer of in game trailer u noob, the game is near completion, get lost with your pathetic attempts to destroy Sony PS3 momentum. If people really wanted to buy a 360 and i mean people who owned a PS2 don't u thk they would be queing up 4 it the now, no instead u can go in a shop and pick 1 up!

D R Fz5395d ago (Edited 5395d ago )

xgamer, You're living in the past. The Ps3 is already in full production meaning that most of its issues have been addressed.

TheMART5396d ago

I really hate it when they mix CGI footage with ingame footage. And that's done here clearly.

So it still isn't on level the video on E3 2005 showed us all. Where our mouth dropped open wide. When I thought: I will be getting myself a PS3. After it, all went downhill and I won't be fooled again as with my PS2

Karibu5396d ago

It really looks good when Xbox fanboys claim it's CGI ;)

And yes, that's all gameplay or in game, what ever.


I just might get a PS2 to play this on...

D R Fz5395d ago

No wonder you're the way you are. You've never had a real console. Like a child who never had friends. Landofsand, its ok, we feel your pain and I must say that the ps3 will not disappoint.


i used my PS2 as an ashtray.

PS3? grill?

Karibu5395d ago

I hope they get vegetation much better. It looks too flat at the moment =/

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The story is too old to be commented.