Top 10 Most Epic Video Games of All Time

Big games that make your blood boil. That make you cry. That make you lose sleep playing. The games with that make you write awful fan-fiction. Epic games.

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George Sears3644d ago

I stopped at Modern Warfare and EA.

Quagmire3643d ago

lol, article fails, everyone knows Modern Warfail was published by Activagina

darkcharizard3643d ago

Ocarina of Time is the most epic video game of all time. Fact.

Baka-akaB3643d ago

wow , i'm not even reading if it's there then

BattleAxe3643d ago

A good list, but I played half way through Half Life 2 and I just didn't like it. I think Uncharted should have been on that list.

ico923643d ago

How is God of War 3 not on there its been called the most epic game ever, its sense of scale is unparalleled

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tdrules3643d ago

GTAIV over San Andreas
Fable, really?
Apart from that it's OK, it is their opinion I guess

Nate-Dog3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

How does MGS have a "stereotypically overblown Hideo Kojima storyline" when MGS was one of Kojima's first big games that was story-driven?

kevnb3643d ago

going back as far as snatcher and metal gear.

Nate-Dog3643d ago

Not his first titles like Penguin Adventures. And the only games he made before MGS (as far as I know) are Snatcher, Policenauts, and MG and MG2.

Corrwin3643d ago

And there was none. Never have I been so bored, and how ashamed the author must feel that his personal preferences are so bland and crow-pleasing.

kevnb3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

some great games, but some odd choices. No final fantasy was a plus, but only to replace it with call of duty 4.

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The story is too old to be commented.