GC 10: Halo Reach Floor Gameplay (Cam) Part I & 2

Gametrailers Writes: Enter a ten-minute firefight in this gameplay from the floor at gamescom 2010.

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m233106d ago

The anticipation for this game is killing me. It's awesome how you can shoot the methane tanks of the grunts and they'll fly away. Firefight looks really intense and even more fun than before, which is great. I wonder how many maps there are. I'm expecting about 8-9 multiplayer maps, 7-8 firefight maps. That's a lot of work just for the multiplayer. There is also a huge thread on about a possible ARG, of which I have no idea what is going on.
See you guys online.

AtatakaiSamurai3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

after seeing vids of KZ3's MP gameplay, this looks so... kiddy and tame. It looks like same gameplay from Section 8 or better yet the same exact thing from halo2&3.

I doubt anyone would be excited for this if it was not called halo, heck animations & lighting effects look like straight out the xbox era. it's like it's the same thing over and over againg only with added feature here and there :(

Immortal3213106d ago

kz3 got me hooked, but this is about halo reach....
but after watching kz3 multiplayer trailer, this game do seem tame, maybe it's the map their on.

FatGuyStrangler473106d ago

God I know I'm gonna get flamed for this, but honestly minus the mech and jetpack that KZ3 trailer could have been the trailer for a CoD game. Not saying it will be as noob filled or glitchy as CoD, but all the people saying this is something revolutionary need to take another look. It's CoD or Battlefield set in the future with much better graphics (imo the only above average thing about the KZ series). Oh and I find it kinda funny that everyone who was complaining about the perks in CoD such as the RC C4 car are now cheering for the fact that you can use the mechs, jetpacks, and big ass rocket turrets. Double standards much? and saying these graphics are Xbox era, please just stop there. I still own an original xbox and play Halo 2 from time to time and this looks 1,000,000 times better, I would even say it looks just as good as the graphics in that Killzone 3 trailer (except Reach isn't just the same old three shades of brown and gray). Seriously ever since KZ2 and UC2 the PS3 people suddenly think they are superior and anyone whose console of choice isn't the Ps3 is stupid. And PS3 superiority really is overexaggerated. was gonna buy one because all the praise on this site, but then I played some KZ2 and GoW3 at my friends house and while the games were good they weren't the total mind blowing experience I expected so I stuck with my xbox and used the money to pre-order Reach and pick up a few other games that I hadn't bought yet in gamestops B2G1F sales (ME2, SC:C, Alan Wake) and I don't regret a thing

BloodyCHAMP3106d ago

the trailer was complete trash, what did the trailer show anyways? u guys are soo lame its disgusting. graphics dont make a game and this is proven because there is no one playing killzone 2 now while there is millions still playing halo 3. killzone 2 had crzy graphics but how long did it last...not long at all, soo get the graphics shit outta here, reach not only smash killzone in sales but it will smash it in reviews, replayability,and gameplay JUST LIKE HALO 3 smashed KILLZONE 2 in all the above!

outrageous3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

KZ2 multi-player looks the same as KZ3 multi-player...not a good thing. Will the sales look the same as well???

Sorry fellas, you brought it up. KZ looks claustrophobic. The view of the battle field and line of vision is all blocked and narrow. If it stays that way expect to see the same sales. The melee is a mess.

Halo Reach is a genre unto itself. KZ will never match Halo or COD black ops...sad really. Was looking forward to KZ3...hope the campaign isn't as bad...but judging from is.

VictoriousB133106d ago

.....nope definitely trolling.

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SOAD3106d ago

Those Hunters died a little too easy for my taste. I was hoping they'd be much larger in Reach, because I want the Brutes to be huge.

omi25p3106d ago

you have the ability to change everything in firefight, from difficulty, personality of enemy ai ( aggressive defensive) you can change how many bullets it takes for them to die and how many bullets they fire ect.

So if the hunters look to easy to kill boost up the amount of bullets you need to keep them

m233106d ago

They were probably playing on easy or normal. I think I heard somewhere that they were playing with infinite lives as well.

2FootYard3106d ago

This game is useless effort now that ME2 is on PS3. The majority of Xbox owners jumped shipped today, there is nobody left to buy this.

iamgoatman3106d ago

Obvious troll is obvious.

SeanRL3106d ago

Nope, Mass effect 2 is a 3rd-person shooter/rpg. Halo is a first person shooter. Halo fans wouldn't jump ship for a game they probably don't even play as much as Halo 3.


Yeah right mate, you just keep telling yourself that hahaha

WLPowell3106d ago

But see this is what works MS: first-party quality exclusives. Not third party timed exclusives, not exclusive DLC deals, not mii-too knockoffs with hype campaigns, just do solid experiences.

Bigpappy3106d ago

You are getting the girl I already move on from. I already know how she likes it and she did things to me that she would never do for you. So don't act like she is a virgin.

livinwitbias3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

That was a beautiful metaphor. I couldn't have said it better with a book of poetry.

Can you say sloppy

Bubble Up.

m233106d ago


That was awesome and hilarious.

ARBitrator3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

That just shows you how childish some PS3 fanboys are, they use to talk serious smack about Mass Effect, now they act as if it's the second coming of Christ.

I honestly think it will not sell well on the PS3 because they only exclusive they really give a damn about is 1st party exclusive and you know how MSG4, UC2 and LBP has sold.

All of those titles would be 5m plus sold titles on the 360. EA will be luck (Damn Lucky) if they sell 500K copies of ME2 on the PS3.

WLPowell3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Like make you pay for her extra's? Your "girl" is giving me all her goodies for free, apparently I know what she likes better. And oh no, I know she's a whore (she gets around quite a bit), she totally pretties up more for my cousin, PC-gamer. Oh shit, She never looked that good for you did she... (sad face)

@disagree: Bitter 360 fanboy? You still got to play it, get over it.

etownone3106d ago

Sad thing is it didn't sell too good on the 360. Don't even think it broke 2 million .... and it was the highest rates 360 exclusive at the time. My fav game this gen too may I add.

@ Bigpappy - LMAO - awesome response

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xxxxxxxxxx13106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Mass Effect 2 will be a shit port for ps3. Just like Mafia 2, Red Dead, Kane and Lynch 2, Street Fighter 4, Bayonetta and many more. This is coming from a ps3 owner who has xbox. Xbox is by far the more FUN syestem to play on. May it be live or just the better controler. PS3 sucks 5+ years for only 3 ok games. SONY can take their "great" liner rides. "god of war 3 & Uncharted 2" and keep reaching! I'll be playing Reach for a long time. SONY get a real MP game that is fun and not gay. None of this M.A.G bs.

VictoriousB133106d ago

Captain Obvious says "you a troll"

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m233106d ago

It's pretty bad quality, you should see it in HD on a 52 inch screen.

WLPowell3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

That's basically what Bungie is aiming for.

Going back to the Elites being the super-badguys? check. Bringing the weapons back, most notably the pistol? check. Health Bars are back from Halo 1? Check.

The mentality of Bungie in developing it is to make a "next-gen Combat Evolved".

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