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DNAgent2986d ago

But does he SOUND better (no lisp like the new voice actor has)?

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Quagmire2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )


Commander Shephard now controls lightning! Or is that Jason Statham in the second picture?

Game looks mint, Day 1!

Darkfiber2986d ago

He sounds like a young Martin Sheen.

number472986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Open world on a console.

The sad part is that its only going to get better. It not only highlights the shortcomings of 2k, although i'm sure they could have pulled this off with just the PS3 to work with.

Kind of a fact at this point..

+ Character models
+ lighting/ambient occlusion
+ Post Fx/Motion Blur
+ 720p
+ Stream loading


ownallconsoles2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

and I approve your comment 150%. But like I said in another article, be careful what you say on N4G now. Anything remotely as true as your comment is quickly reported as trolling here. Not sure who would but i definitely think there are a lot of bitter 360 fanboys on this site that mark anything pro PS3 as trolling. Who mods the comment sections anyway? I wish they had a visible "mod" by their names so we could see whose behind the scenes.

Dance2986d ago

compared to likes just cause and red dead its nowhere near the best looking open world game

SOAD2986d ago

"The sad part is that its only going to get better."

Do you think before you type?

I swear, the people on this site all begin their posts with the same introductions.

"In my opinion"
"To be honest"
"Truth be told"
"The sad part is"
"The truth is"
"The fact of the matter is"

Am I taking crazy pills?

number472986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Like Uncharted2, or Killzone2 & 3, devs generally add polish at the end of the development cycle. Which is why I said its only going to get better from here. When I say "SAD" I mean in regards to the old notion about open world games making sacrifices of quality that smaller scale games thrived in. Mainly it would be textures, character models, post processing, and lighting. Some have made strides with lighting, but not so much character models.

Infamous 1 didn't look nearly as refined as this, and it still exposed the world to some very good textures & shaders on the scale of an open world game.

The facts are that the previous game, much like Uncharted/killzone/lbp/mlb/mgs 4 raise the bar for the genre of gaming that they are in compared relatively to other games in their genre with Technology & Gameplay.

In terms of PS3 exclusives, they generally all improve by launch.

You're not taking crazy pills, you're just being a jackass.

SOAD2986d ago

"When I say "SAD" I mean in regards to the old notion about open world games making sacrifices of quality that smaller scale games thrived in."

That doesn't make sense. And no, that's not why you said that.

You said it because you've become accustomed to saying it or something like it as an opening introduction to your comments or posts. I hope that habit doesn't extend beyond the internet. You call me a jackass now, but my pointing out this behavior should be appreciated rather than scorned.

It wasn't anything against you in particular. I've noticed the behavior in a lot of users on this site.

The funny thing is <--- see that right there? I don't have to use that opening intro to my sentences. If you want to say something, just say it.

It doesn't sound correct for someone to say, "The sad part is that it's only going to get better."

Why would anyone be sad about something positive?

What if scientists found a cure for cancer tomorrow? Would it make sense for me to say, "The sad part is that the price of the cure is only going to become less costly."?

No, it's not appropriate. I just pointed out something for you. Instead of calling me a jackass, just say thanks and move on.

number472986d ago

In the othe thread youre blathering about how Gears looks better than demon souls...

In here you're blathering about me spending the time to explain to you exactly what I meant, to clarify things, and yet.. you're still crying.

I imagine that if you hear someone say "man that was a sick car!" You come running with a first aid kit.

Or do you get what it means? That some people speak in different ways than you do? That you're no better than anyone else, nor is it your job to point things out.

You're entitled to your opinion, but do me a favor and don't waste replies on my commentary here.

SOAD2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

You're right. Some people do have different ways of speaking.

You happen to speak gibberish.

The funny thing is (yes, I'm mocking you) you'll never get better because you're stubborn.

It's not really funny, but I suppose you understand what I mean.

jack_burt0n2986d ago


stands for system of a downer lol cheer up you crazy redneck :)

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ico922986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

even if it was your standard straight forward action game it would still be a good looking game but the fact that its an open world game makes the game look a whole lot more impressive

White-Sharingan2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Although I do like the original Cole, i'm guessing they wanted to change him was because he looks too generic. There is nothing "iconic" or different from him and X or Y pedestrian/enemies from another game. In fact if you look at Nathan Hale and Cole, they look a lot alike.



SaberEdge2986d ago

Cole is a ginger. I think that makes him stand out as a game character, since most characters have brown or black hair.

SaberEdge2986d ago

BTW, I really do like this new-old Cole a lot better. He looks better than the old Cole or the other new Cole. Plus, he looks close enough to the old Cole to give the game continuity.

Crazyglues2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

...and I think that was the whole point. -fans couldn't really connect with that young kid look they had before..

I love that they listened to the fans and made the adjustment, I'm back on board with this being a day one buy... love the new cole or old cole much better... /it's not that big a deal but before I would have to wait to see if I could get back into it, but with the old cole back, I just feel like it's the same game I loved, crazy how big of a deal that was I know..

-but it's the little things that can make or break a game..

Don't forget to Check old cole out in-video, looks really good...( ) can't wait for this game, if it's anything near as good as the first one turned out to be, then we are in for a real treat when this comes out.. Should be another amazing ride...


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Cartesian3D2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

I played Infamous few days ago .. I really loved that game, impressive story and fun gameplay, the only thing I didnt like was lack of colors , I played that game every day for about 2 hours.

Infamous 2 looks INSANE , as a sandbox game it looks like CG to me..

vickers5002986d ago

I personally LOVED the graphics in the first inFamous. I can't really describe it, though I'll just say it was unique and for lack of a better term, shiny.

I don't know why people seem to hate the old graphical style, it looked awesome to me.

silkrevolver2986d ago

...the graphics look REALLY nice for an open world game... and they’ll only get better until it comes out.

RememberThe3572986d ago

The production values coming out of Sony are actually getting better. At this rate Infamous 2 is going to be a bigger leap from the original in terms of production value then Uncharted 2 was from Uncharted.

Hell, even that Resistance teaser was very well made. Sony's going Hollywood on us lol.

TOO PAWNED2986d ago

he looks generic (like in first game) he looks like he escaped from prison. Still day 1. remember KIDS this is my opinion

ActionBastard2986d ago

Both version would've worked for me. It's freakin' inFAMOUS2, I'm not playing it because the lead is cute or not. Or whatever the hell the whiners problems were.

TheTeam062986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Yeah, the only problem I had was with the voice, and even that I'm sure I'll get passed as soon as I start playing it.

EDIT: Just saw the pics. I like the look and..... Is...... is that Shepard from Mass Effect?


GuruStarr782986d ago

people like to whine, that was pretty gay of the fanboys who whined about coles appearance.......

Why o why2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

with the fact that they thought they had to change him...I never saw anybody saying they weren't buying I2 because of the boyband cole just that they preferred the old one...maybe people are using the word whine in the wrong context here. I mean...didnt cole just lose a loved one (even though she was an annoying b!tch) get betrayed by somebody close etc.....the new cole looked like he just jumped off a plane from a Caribbean resort with the only visable scaring being those tacky tats. *whine over* ;)