An Industry Without Embargoes

64BB writes: "Last week, a discussion was brought up on Twitter about embargoes and if they are good or bad for the gaming industry. You might not like the thought of developers and publishers making journalists either promise or sign papers stating they won’t let their audience know about their product until the date specified but it still happens."

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ATi_Elite3036d ago

This article makes no sense.

Doesn't the guy in the picture look like a total assclown sitting there in a lawn chair with 3 controllers, wearing an xbox mic head set while playing the Wii on that tiny ass TV.

Dellis3037d ago

They are needed, companies don't want people talking about

their game, they want to do that.

rdgneoz33037d ago

Embargoes that last till the game is released are bull and only make people think the game is gonna be shitty. If the developers trust in their games, then a lifting them a week or so before its released is a good idea. I can see wanting to have embargoes for a certain amount of time as it keeps people in suspense about the game. But if its good, people will end up reading positive reviews about it and those on the fence will end up putting money down for it. Also, it lets the gamers know if they should trust the developers or not, such as if they hide info or mislead people about it. If the developers try to screw over the gamers, then they don't deserve any return on their work.

branchedout3037d ago

Admit it. You only clicked on the article in hopes of seeing a bigger picture of the small one.

I sure did.