Mass Effect 2 on PS3, is the 360 in trouble?

"The news of Mass Effect 2 arriving on PS3 is somewhat expected since EA bought Bioware, but it’s still a bit of a surprise, since the Mass Effect series has been a staple in the Xbox 360’s lineup. With that staple now gone, does Microsoft have chink in its armor? They sure do. Overall, the PS3 has lost many more exclusives than the 360, but this is a huge blow to the 360’s library."

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TheGamerGeek3108d ago

It doesn't matter to me as long as the games on both consoles are actually good.

Also, Alan Wake was very good.

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SnuggleBandit3108d ago

Well they have halo....and uh....gears....lolol

ico923108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

The 360's library every Q4


i think im noticing a pattern here

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AAACE53108d ago

Wow... more doom articles... what else is new?

It's just a game! Having MGS, FF, and other previously exclusive Playstation games didn't kill off Sony, so why would it happen to MS?


BattleAxe3108d ago

The 360 is in big trouble. Microsoft needs to perfect GFWL, thats where they will shine.

AAACE53108d ago

With each company losing exclusives... you gotta wonder if some of them will merge in the future!

MS and Sony! Sony and Nintendo! Nintendo and MS! Hell, Apple might get thrown in there somewhere!

sikbeta3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )


Well played Mr President lol


Who cares seriously, I know that now some of the x-crowd are switching to "sales-mode" with the same crap as usual, PS3 gamers have to focus on enjoying the best games on their console of choice and nothing else...


Merge? Nintendo printed money so they wont, PlayStation is a Division of Sony Corp and this one is too big to even to think about that, Apple have zealots that will buy a brick for $2000, but in the real world, how big that userbase can be?, it's not going to work

blackbeld3108d ago

MS lost they're focus. They only Kinect and not thinking for they're hardcore fans. :(

MS is already in trouble with losing some exclusives like LFD, Portal and many more. But ME2 this will be the final blow! 360 fans will jump out.

ATi_Elite3108d ago

Mass Effect was released on the 360 first but achieved it's fame from the PC version and PC gamers.

Bottom line the 360 is dead!! Always has been always will be. Halo isn't even the 360's flagship anymore as Call of Duty has taken it's place.

Bungie gone
Epic going
Mass Effect 2 PS3
Mass Effect 3 multi plat
Fable 3 gets a PC version
Alan Wake Fail
Crackdown 2 Fail
Forza inferior to GT5
Rockstar Agent PS3 exclusive
Kinect Fail and don't even act like it won't

After Gear of War 3 and Halo:Reach it's nail in the coffin time.

Microsoft itself has even begun to move on by having in house developers working on 2 PC only titles.

Sorry 360 fanboys, it's OVER!!

0mega43108d ago

and push support on securing exclusives

and less on hand gestures for my multimedia functions

there really isnt much left to justify the 50 dollars a year for live

karl3108d ago

there core audience? they only have like 2 games

they rush into this gen and it work... they could shout out loud how they were better than the ps3.. how many more sales they have

they had until the ps3 could start building all their franchise...

now there is no future

and they no it.. they cant compete with ps3 on hardcore ground thats why kinect is here

they will bet it all on kinect and try to take the casual audience and forget the hardcore...

it sucks that they might succeed but at least we wont have to endure them anymore.. they can go and join the wii..

Brewski0073108d ago

I agree, I think its great for us ps3 owners to experience a game like this on our console, but its not a bad day for 360 owners either, jesus at the end of the day its just games. Lol.

TEFL0N_D0N_813107d ago

WTF is your problem guys. Why do you guys have so much hatred for the 360? You guys love to insult others and troll articles that say anything bad or neutral for the PS3, and love to insult any article that say anything non-negative about the 360. That's pretty f*cked up.

This goes to all trolls, namely Obama and hybridtheory12 in this thread. I wish the money I spent on two YLODs and RRODs could have paid your mothers for your abortions. I only wish....

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Immortal Kaim3108d ago

Just like the FFXIII announcement, anyone who thinks one game will suddenly ruin or destroy one of the big three is beyond helping. I don't understand why people can't be happy with the news (so awesome for PS3 only owners), but instead they have to rub it in each others faces and act like morons...

WLPowell3108d ago

FFXIII going multiplat isn't as big a percentage of Sony's exclusive as ME2 was to MS. Plus FFXIII wasn't that great, losing a crappy exclusive doesn't hurt as much as losing one of your best.

ZeroX98763108d ago

I know! it's obviously a big problem in the gaming community! ps3 owners (like me) can finally have a try on this great title. I didn't bought it for my 360 since I don't buy a lot of games for it prefering my PS3, but there's some titles that I wouldn't mind going multiplat on ps3 ans 360. If it takes this for developpers to make enough money to continue to exist then so be it! People are saying " that version is gimped, the * version is better" maybe yeah, but with only one platform maybe the game wouldn't even had came out.

Just be happy with what you got and let others have what they have! if a gamer decide to buy a Wii over a 360 or a PS3, it's probably because he liked those games more than the ones on the other systems. People here in N4G are not saying their opinions at all, they're just bashing out the other consoles while they could be praising their console of choice.

Why o why3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

so if the one with less looses more its obviously more of a big deal... I mean whats left on the 360 as an that to the ps3 and wii.....voila. Anyway one game cant ruin a console...course not but you have to now wonder why some would buy one console over the other when one of them has 90% of the games the other. The counter cannot be applied for the 360 because sony has that much more real exclusives. Both consoles are here to stay but one console is really starting to show why it was backed it when it seemed nothing could go right for it (according to the western media)....They said 3rd party exclusives were dying.........they knew internal development would differentiate themselves from the rest....they are serious about this sh!t ;)

x5exotic3108d ago

as much as awesome FF13 was.....GOW3 stole all the spotlight at the time...being only 1 week no1 really cared :D

number473108d ago

ME2 is not only a better game than the latest FF, but it was also a EXCLUSIVE REASON to buy a 360. According to Microsoft themselves.

While FF is big. It retained its exclusivity in Japan, and sold higher on the PS3 to begin with, as the 360 audience really isnt familiar with FF.

You take away FF from the PS3, you still have Killzone, Uncharted, MGS4(not rising), Ratchet, Little Big Planet, Heavy Rain, Socom, Resistance, Motorstorm, MLB, etc.. You take away ME on the 360, you have Halo, Gears, Fable, and Forza.

If you can't see the difference there, well. Oh well, but theres a reason its significant news other than fanboy bragging rights.

It highlights Microsofts lack of foresight, investing into content for the long term of the console. At this point Microsoft offers a place to play PS3 games for cheaper, while charging for online. Thats the only selling point.. and 4 games.

JaredH3108d ago

None of the 3 major gaming companies can be in trouble when a console exclusive is releasesd on another platform just because the majority of the mass market doesn't pay attention to this. If they did the ps3 would have the most consoles sold with how many quality exclusives and multilplat games it has.

baodeus3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Agree immortal kaim. Sony lost most of their well known games like GTA, DMC, FF, MGS, and they didn't die, so why only MS? And let say if MS really die from losing ME (LOL), how would that be great for gaming industry overall since there are no competition what so ever?

I really don't understand how one would let a peace of hardware, which only serve as a medium to play GAME, dictates how they are perceive in the society. Here are some questions:

1. Do people really give a shit or look up to you guys because you own a PS3 or xbox?
2. How playing games earn you respect from others?
3. Have you guys contribute anything to the society or your country by playing games?
4. Could it possibly that MS or Sony implemented that delusional BS in you in the first place with the intention of making money?

If you guys can answer these questions, you should realized that you aren't in control of your self; MS and Sony are. Don't believe me, go look up on youtube for a boy who body slam his mother because she cuts off his WoW account or the Sony fanboy who gave SE an ultimatum when FF13 went multiplatform. Seriously guys, be a gamer, not a moron.

sikbeta3108d ago


You know what is weird? all the third party exclusives Sony lost end up in crappy or not that good sequels, I can think about RE5 being the one that shined a bit over the others, but overall, those games kind of disappointed, well that's my opinion anyway...

HDgamer3108d ago

Don't see how they lost MGS when it was never exclusive and well it's just like GTA and the other games you mentioned. How can they be exclusive when it was multiplat or just never appeared on your console?

morganfell3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Isn't the 360 the new uber casual console??? Maybe ME3 won't be on the 360.

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gamerzBEreal173108d ago

according to microsoft they still got mass effect 1 it's cool u can still play that exclusive yea sure they got the good version but umm we have the 2007 game that's years behind now but yea u can always go back and play that and that's why we don't care that sony got are only good excluseive this hole year (arguably 2 years) are 96 beautiful game possible the best RPG this gen NOO we dont care b/c we have mass effect part 1... ohh and the free dlc? but but we paid 50 million for GTA.....oh yea that's on ps3 now

Imperator3108d ago

Why even support the 360 anymore? It's so obvious MS has stopped trying and are just ditching their fanbase. The only thing left is Gears and Halo. Seriously, if you don't own a PS3 you can't call yourself a gamer.

360Defender3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Left 4 Dead
and more...

BTW your tagline is stupid, real gamers dont play consoles, they play high end PC gamings rigs. 30fps and SUB HD is for kids.

nycredude3108d ago

Halo = better version of Haze
Gears = I found it boring
Forza = With Gt5 dropping? You serious?
Left 4 Dead = I got the pc version. Who plays Valves games on consoles?
Fable = Fun game but got bored working all the time.
and more... ???

Biggest3108d ago

Your tagline is stupidER, 360Defender. Gamers can't play PS3 exclusives on a PC no matter how hard they try. 360 exclusives. . . Just wait a few months for exclusive to become "Now on PS3 with extra content!"

Mr Exclusive3108d ago

Halo - Only Halo 3, Reach and Halo Wars are Xbox excluisve.
Gears - Only Gears 2 and 3 are Xbox exclusive
Forza - Fair enough
Left 4 Dead - Not exclusive
Fable - Only Fable 2 is Xbox exclusive

vhero3108d ago

I agree about MS seems they got everything in place and are just leaving it to run and see how things play out they are going back to their roots and back into the PC gaming world which is the best thing they could do as MS made some of the best PC game I EVER played FACT.

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Immortal3213108d ago

1.) the gap has shorten from 10million, to 3.6.(2006-2010) that's like being outsold by 2million a year

2.) where are the games MS, you only have 3exclusive? 2 original xbox franchise and 1 360 franchise.

3.) where are they going with the motion control addon, are they completely abandoning the core audience who likes to use the controller and relax on the couch or bed or favorite gaming chair.

*.) I lost all type of respect for the 360 console. I use to be able to defend it, now I can't say it's a g**d console. That would be lying through your teeth.

if you disagree, give me several reasons why. And 3 games is not enough.

another thing, last time I checked, I thought the product that have more value for the buck, wins.

spacetattoo3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

It's 5.4 million dude. get your facts straight.
your talking about shipped numbers which can be way off considering ones on the shelf and ones on the way. millions of stores around the world. plus thats from june and it's aug.
slim has been pounding sales out.

Plus it never got up to 10 million, it was 8 million xbox was ahead and really the only year ps3 outsold xbox was last year. so calm down and know your facts. and yes ps3 is still ahead this year but only by 700,000 units and counting down every week.

check for your self buddy. makes sure to scroll down they show the whole years of sales and xbox won every one but 2009.

IRetrouk3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

no mate you are wrong it is 3.6 million, sony showed there numbers 3 or 4 weeks ago they said they have SOLD 38 million consoles and you got it wrong vg charts underestimated the ps3 by 2 million consoles, and its micro that posts shiped numbers, sony post sold, so it is you that needs to check your sources not Immortal321

spacetattoo3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

thats shipped numbers not sold. through june. theres your source. plus i can pull up more article that say sony stuffed the channels with hardware, which is not hard to do. considering there are millions of stores. slims for a while couldn't even stay on the shelf. vgchartz is not that off it's ps3 fans that can't accept that it's not as close as they would like.

IRetrouk3107d ago

your linking vg charts again/ i have already told you they are off by 2 million, sony said it has SOLD 38 million not shiped, and its the xbox fans that wont admit how close it actually is, but it dont really matter as i game on 360 ps3 wii and pc, i just dont like peps like you spreading fud, whether sony stuffed chanels or not isnt the point, the point is sony SOLD 38 million so far, and from what i have seen vg charts still hasnt updated sonys numbers, they inflate xbox and lower ps3, its been proven time and time again, anyway thats me done with you.

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siyrobbo3108d ago

who cares, even if 360 (or ps3 or wii for that matter) ends up in 3rd place, its no bad thing. Its one of the first gens where all 3 main competitors sold good amounts of hardware. 40million + 360's to date is nearly twice the amount the original xbox sold and its just hitting its stride, same with the ps3, its sitting at 38million and still hasn't hit $199

its a good time to be a gamer

EvilBlackCat3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Why you ignorants keep falling behind this Sony vs Microsoft shit?

EA decided to give Ps3 gamers a taste of Mass Effect... in my opinion is GREAT that way they will get more cash to make more games.

Now Mass Effect is the shit. Right loyalists?

Scotland-The-Brave3108d ago

Why wouldnt ps3 gamers be happy? We have just landed an extra game onto the console of our choice, and to add to that it happened to be the xbox 360s best exclusive.
I wish i could see cez of rage, bungie/green, hallmark, soda, dance, murderdoll, the maxx, patchstation (i could go on and on) faces right now - I bet they are frothing at the mouths lol

soxfan20053108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

I find it hilarious that the PS3 fanboys, who for years have been screaming "IT'S NOT EXCLUSIVE BECAUSE IT'S ON PC", are now saying "360 is losing it's best exclusive". Pretty funny.

I'm glad that argument is now over. According to hundreds of PS3 fanboys today, a game can be a 360 exclusive even if it's on PC.

lodossrage3108d ago

You act like you 360 fanboys aren't equally as hypocritical. Remember how you and your 360 fanboys friends were saying "final fantasy 13 is lame, it's crap, it needs to die" Then when it was announced for the 360 it was all of a sudden a great game.

And as for what you just said. You act like YOU weren't calling games like Mass effect exclusive even though it's on the PC.

PopEmUp3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

We all know you're crying deep inside

here something to cheer you up :)


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EVILDEAD3603108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Let's keep it 100% real..

ME2 going to the PS3 was announced by Geoff K. on Game Trailers BEFORE it even launched on the 360...

The game was absolutely amazing and it is actually a great thing that it went multi-plat..Bioware deserves to benefit from more sales that the PS3 will bring..

But this doesnt affect 360 owners one bit..other than Bioware is getting more money to make the final game of the series the best it can possible be..

The ONLY way this would have hurt the 360 was if Mass Effect 2 launched the SAME DAY as the 360 in January..

But it didnt..and consequently this affect only ONE game..

In fact what really would have been news is if the PS3 got both Me 1 and 2 on one Blu-Ray disc with all of the DLC..THAT would have been BANANAS

But instead how does a year old Mass Effect 2 somehow end the world for the 360..

Did EA announce that All Mass Effect achievements and save files from the 360 be immediately erased?

Is Mass Effect 3 not going to be on the 360 when it launches in a year and a half?

Did Mass Effect 2 stop ANY 360 owners from enjoying any game they bought this year?

Does ANYBODY think 360 owners care about a 7-month game that they already owned and played when in less than a month the biggest game of 2010 Halo Reach is about to launch on September 14th?

As great a ME2 is.historically timed exclusives from the 360 just don't do that well on the PS3..look at Bioshock and the rest..but at least Bioware can build audience that can grow for ME3..

Either a great year to be a gamer..period


GarandShooter3108d ago

You completely miss the point. Of course it doesn't affect current owners. However, when one is considering buying an HD console and looks at what is and isn't available on each console it MAY have an impact.

EVILDEAD3603107d ago

However, when one is considering buying an HD console and looks at what is and isn't available on each console it MAY have an impact

I completely get the point..but if you put it that way then the 360 wins in this case because you can only get both ME games on the 360..

The choice..Mass Effect 1 & 2 for 40 dollars on the 360 right now

or wait till January for only one game for 60 dollars

Continouus saves through both games vs. a recap and one game

Like you said..this May have an impact when you consider buying THIS game

ImmortalLegend3108d ago

Woah, wait...I thought you PS3 fans already got this game for your PC lol? After all that's always the case when a game is one the 360/PC you get comments like "I'll just get it for my PC anyways." Yeah right...Anyways congrats on getting a hell of a game. You won't be disappointed at all. I already have it for 360, I see no need to get it for my PS3.

Shepherd 2143108d ago

There are still plenty of reasons to own a 360, and the Mass Effect experience is still much better on 360 because the first game is on PC/360, not PS3, and the Import ME1 save feature(a great addition) is not present in the PS3 version of ME2.

There will be a lot of PS3-only owners browsing Steam to get a somewhat full experience.

FACTUAL evidence3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

@ greenring
Oh, most people who bought ME2 already had 360's. Don't go blabbering nonsense. BTW, did ME2 break 1.5m in sales yet?...Anyways, I would be sry to be an xbox only owner..because it would literally be my exbox.....

tplarkin73108d ago

When a Sony franchise comes to 360, Sony fanboys complain and sign petitions.

When a 360 franchise moves to PS3, Sony fanboys gloat.

I don't see any petitions or complaining by 360 owners.

I've always said that it is impossible for Xbox owners to be fanboys since the Xbox is the newest entry in the console race. This article and the comments prove this point.

dragon823108d ago

You sound like the people who say only white people are capable of being racist. This site is full of fanboys on both sides. I get so tired of seeing one side cry about how they are so mistreated and how this site is run by the other side.

avengers19783108d ago

I don't think this IP coming to PS3 means anything too 360... If they lost Halo, or Gears, then Maybe... also there still not saying weather or not Mass Effect 3 will be multiplat or not. My guess is that MS 360 will still get it first.

JsonHenry3108d ago

I really hope this forces MS to come to market with a new console quicker than they wanted.

kevnb3108d ago

a game being released on ps3 a year late doesnt mean the 360 is done, wishful thinking maybe?

BABY-JEDI3107d ago

It's the competition between Microsoft, Sony & Nintendo that is driving the industry. Competition is good for gamers ; ) now keep it real LoL

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Dance3108d ago

final fanatsy 13 on 360, is the PS3 in trouble?

deathstriker3108d ago

The article says more than "Oh no, ME2 is on PS3 so the 360 is dying".

Karooo3108d ago

ME2 96 UC 2 96

UC is first party hah

CaptainMarvelQ83108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

that's a totally different situation
because when you look at MS's first party studios and then look at Sony's first party studios and it's exclusives you can see a HUGE difference....

badz1493108d ago

now I know you're doing ballet. BECAUSE YOU'RE SPINNING NON-STOP! LOL :P

ico923108d ago

well actually FF13 kinda sucked from the fans point of view "coughs" gimped "coughs", and in the eyes of the media it was a AA game,
ME2 on the otherhand has received rave reviews meaning its a AAA game, now besides Halo and Gears what else does the 360 have in that calibur.

syanara3108d ago

Final Fantasy XIII wasnt proven to be a successful game yet while Mass effect 2 IS. like the trailer said over 70 perfect scores means that this game is a heavy hitter. FF was decent Mass effect was great. thats the difference.

DrillaKid3108d ago

In terms of sales FF13 was a lot more successful though; it sold 5m+ whereas ME2 has sold 1.6m and will probably just break the 2m mark now that its on ps3.

Dogswithguns3108d ago

No, the PS3 wasn't in trouble, but Final Fantasy pretty much dead now becuz it went multiplats.

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deathstriker3108d ago

I agree that the PS3 Mass Effect series being a different game in the same universe is a really interesting idea. If EA/Bioware did that, then they'd have my money twice. Bioware does kinda seems like d-bags for lying about not working on the port... but all developers do that nowadays... so I guess they're all d-bags lol.

cmrbe3108d ago

MS problem is their 3rd party strategy. They can never ever rely on 3rd party especially now. They have no one but themselvs to blame. In the beginning of this gen they are the ones throwing money around and giving 3rd party alot more power and now its going to bite them hard in the ass.

The x360 can't compete with the PS3 hardware and Software wise. Thats why MS right now is looking at kinetic for their future.

What core announcements have MS made since E3?. More Gears 3 and Halo Reach?. What happens after both these games are released?. What is there to counter Sony's 2011 lineup apart from gears 3?. Nothing. Thats it. They can't just create IP's out of thin air for next year.

big_silky3108d ago

I own both. I'm not worried about the 360. I don't know if you own one but if you don't I don't see why you care. Frankly I'm more interested in some upcoming multiplats than anything from either camp at this point.

ownallconsoles3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

@big silky: really? like what?

I love how you're trying to be neutral but you fail so bad doing it. "Frankly I'm more interested in some upcoming multiplats than anything from either camp at this point."

So basically you're neither looking forward to Halo reach nor Gran Turismo 5, so then what the hell are you looking forward to for the rest of 2010?

Scotland-The-Brave3108d ago

Im worried and i care because microsoft is slipping hard and fast, swirling the drain, kicking the bucket - You catch my drift?
If xbox 360 fails then sony wont have any competition and they will relax a little. well i want sony to be working full steam ahead so they can continue making the best games ever.

n to the b3108d ago

@cmrbe: disagree MS's problem is more than their 3rd party strategy. there's also the hardware failures. oh and there's also me switching to a competitor's machine nextgen rather than support MS's nickel&dimin'.

@ownall: "like what?" how a