GamesCom Coming to PlayStation Home This Week

PSLS: "Much like the awesome public space that went up during E3 this year, it looks like Sony st at it again, but this time with a whole lot of GamesCom goodness exclusively for PlayStation Home users."

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ps3gamerkyle3108d ago

I loved the E3 setup, can't wait for this one.

T3mpr1x3108d ago

Yeah the E3 one was exactly like the actual booth, so this should pretty much be just like the GamesCom booth. Nice!

D4RkNIKON3108d ago

This is a Home win. PS3 is pwning right now

NJShadow3108d ago

Yeah, I'm REALLY hoping that this comes stateside. The E3 booth was honestly one of the best spaces I had ever seen, and this one seems to be no exception. Can't wait.

T3mpr1x3108d ago

If it doesn't come stateside, I'll just log into my UK account anyway. Hooray for fakes!

WildArmed3108d ago

Love having an account in every region >.<

Godmars2903108d ago

Now if only they could put something up that's new/exclusive to the space.

SpitFireAce853108d ago

That's the support that gamers want good job SONY..cant wait
for this space to check it out.

TheObserver3108d ago

God damn, Sony is on a killer combo today. Great news after great news. Even Home is involved too? I am impressed.

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