Gamescom: Infamous 2's New Old Cole Revealed

IGN writes: "At Comic-Con, Sucker Punch and Sony announced that the new Cole McGrath – v-neck shirt, hair, etc. -- folks saw when Infamous 2 debuted wouldn't be making the final cut of the game. Instead, the developers were taking Cole in a direction more in line with what he was in the first game. Today at Gamescom, we got our first glimpse at the new old Cole."

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Commander_TK3109d ago

Shame that the badass voice isn´t coming back

WhittO3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

TBH the voice actor didnt do much for me, made Cole feel bland TBH, even at parts he wasn't meant to be (like when Trish dies etc.).

Infamous 2 looks soo good, cant wait to play it, next year is going to be another huge year.

Feels like they have put all of their games into next year so GT5 has the rest of this year all to itself haha (and Move)

Cevapi883109d ago

still got LBP2...that game transcends age and core/casual...everyone can enjoy the game, from kids to adults, the casual crowd to the hardcore...a commercial with sackboy wearing a santa hat just in time for the holidays would be perfect PR for the game as parents look at what to buy their kids

Snoogins3109d ago

Come on, guy. Don't be a douche. Apply
if you're going to reveal plot points in your post.

WhittO3109d ago

lol ye i thought about that but cant edit now, oops lol.

If you still haven't played Infamous yet, then you deserve to be spoiled!! haha jk (kinda)

Rumor3109d ago

glad they listened!

on another not, im glad the trailers for infamous now say it only does super heroes lol because infamous is NOT a family game at all! lol 5 year old wanting to be parkour superheroes doenst add up too well.

TheLastGuardian3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

I don't care if his voice does sound bland. It's not the same voice so It's not the same person. Shaved heads are so cliche' the pants are cool but I hope there will be unlockable outfits. The new trailer looks amazing but I want to hear more info like on the ice powers and whatnot.

0mega43109d ago

this is how you keep fans and sales

this is how you get goty

if Microsoft would only remember its core
and focus less on hand gestures

WhittO3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

lol bit harsh?

It's only an opinion, doesn't mean to say I'm right or everything I am saying makes sense, it's just MY OPINION.

O and if you mean because of the Spoiler, Come on how have you not been spoiled yet it came out May 2009 lol. Your fault for putting a great game off that long!!

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Crazyglues3109d ago

Absolutely Stunning... Can't wait for this one


avengers19783108d ago

This is great news for me... I mean come on is a guy who went through all the crap cole did really gonna worry that much about his hair...New cole was a metro sexual, Old cole was badass... I'll take the badass lightning weilder thank-you very much.

Domer253108d ago

Really excited about this sequel. Nuff said--------

Oh and [email protected] Yeah!

Crazyglues3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

well I see your two disagrees, on my comment above and I raise you two agrees... LoL

Come on' Remember that bad A** trailer from part one ( )... it was like straight out of a comic book... I"m pumped that the old cole is back, I don't know who could disagree with that..

-he looked so bad A** in part one.. and now he's back -Can't wait 4 this one..


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Jrome3109d ago

I kind of liked new cole...

spartan112g3109d ago

I'm happy that they went back to how Cole looked in the first game. It was going to be weird playing as someone who looked so different.

Jrome3109d ago

Now it just looks like new cole got his head chopped off and replaced with old would be better if new old cole had the clothes to match his new old look

rdgneoz33109d ago

Yah, I loved his old clothes. The evil Cole had sick black and white clothing.

Thatguy-3103109d ago

dude i dont know what ur happy about ... he doesnt look near similar to the cole in the first one !!! just that he went bald again

SeanRL3109d ago

He looks worse than both coles. Sorry, but I would rather have had new cole. Make it an option.

TheBatman_Fanatic3109d ago

I agree! The first inFamous 2 Cole looked better!

Snoogins3109d ago

I agree. Just seems odd to revert back to old Cole while sporting a new voice. I didn't like the change at first, but grew to love the metro-chic Cole with hair. I'm afraid I'll never grow to love this new change. At least the game should still kick major ass.

Neo Nugget3109d ago


Cole with hair was badass. Now he just looks.....ehhhhh.

BYE3109d ago

He looks like a cross between old Cole and Nico Belic.

Sucker Punch seems to be really scared of the fanbase, why can't they just grow some and stick to their original plan?

x5exotic3109d ago

it is people like you who keep bitching about what they make that confuses them...not scares them

BYE3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

I'm fine with whatever direction they decide to go, as long as it's their OWN idea.

In this case they just changed him back because people like you were crying. And I'm sure Sucker Punch themselves aren't too happy about it.

nnotdead3109d ago

im with Ceekay. i find it lame they would change the look of Cole just because a few people whined about it on the interenet. if they are real fans they would play the game regardless. like i plan to do. make him look like Steven Segal for all i care.

Persistantthug3109d ago

The people who bought the game are already invested in old Cole.

Bought the game, bought themes.....

Trying to change him to "new Cole" is slapping the fans of Infamous 1 in the face.

Not only that, but it was gonna be silly to pretend that old Cole never existed or he just supernaturally changed his looks.

Sucker Punch not only did the fans a service, but they did the continuity of the game a service as well....which in turn does themselves a service because it shows they in fact are listening.

Sucker Punch should be commended.
They'll certainly be rewarded with my money.

cb4g3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

...I've invested many hours in inFamous and even read the comics. I've gotten to know Cole as a character but I could understand Sucker Punch's reason for altering his looks.

But the first redesign was just a slap in the face for the character's fans. It wasn't Cole anymore. He was, as Sucker Punch described, "an extreme sports star like Travis Pastrana, Tony Hawk...with superpowers."

Forget the last fight between Cole/Kessler and forget Kessler's psychological crippling of Cole throughout the game and his attempts to prepare Cole for the Beast. Cole was now going to be a cool and personable metrosexual. Bah!

Zeke's redesign was perfect. He looked different but familiar. Small changes to enhance the character - not plastic surgery and an attitude overhaul. Why not apply the same principles with Cole?

Thatguy-3103109d ago

totally agree with you.. their just trying to please everyone that little by little they will be making cole's appearance worst... they should have just sticked to what they were going for in the first place... ppl who bitched at the change in the appearance aren't true fans... the ones that are true fans are the ones that respect the decision and direction the developer of the game wants to take... at the end all what the real fans want is just a badass game with awesome gameplay mechanics !!!!!

Thatguy-3103109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

i hate the new look

LiquifiedArt3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

...When you build a character's visual style and completely change it in a sequel. The consistency of the story fails and ruins the long-term experience.

The writers would have to pull off some major shifty-ness to make a believable plot line to coincide with the visual changes. One which I highly doubt exists.

"Coal grew up.He now has hair, completely different bone structure oh yea and a new voice." lol.

Im' glad they remedied the visual, atleast now the voice is the only inconsistency and hopefully they'll work the gritty voice in (possibly if you go evil).

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brew3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

I'm happy with Cole's looks now. It looks like him instead of a completely different character. I think I'll get used to the new voice actor.

Zeke's makeover looked great , but they kept the same voice actor(yuck). Zeke's voice is the first thing they should have addressed imo.

Snoogins3109d ago

I'm perfectly fine with Zeke's new look. The only thing that needed to be changed from the original, in my opinion, was the gay street clown look.