Mafia II Demo Gameplay Video + Contest to Win Mafia 2 | GoozerNation

JudoChinX with GoozerNation writes: "Here's some footage from the Mafia 2 demo now available on Xbox Live and PlayStation network. The demo takes us through the distillery level, and shows off gunplay and story elements. Be sure to check out the contest on the same page to win a copy of Mafia 2 of your very own!"

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ian723105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

The screentearing is really bad in that video. Got Official PS magazine (UK) and they have given Mafia 2 (7/10) in their review.

JudoChinX3105d ago

Ya, the game is definitely not the most visually impressive game of all time. That's for certain.

kube003105d ago

When it drops to $30 or less Im sold

retrovertigo3105d ago

A couple of people I follow on Twitter said the game was amazing. Considering the first wasn't that great, I was a little skeptical. I thought the glitches and lip syncing was slowdown in the video, but after listening to the GoozCast, I see that it actually was the true gameplay. I'm with Kube, I'll wait till it drops in price.