Resistance 3 dev: 3D makes 'a huge difference'

CVG: Ted Price talks up Move, 3D

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Sheikh Yerbouti3107d ago

I think we can expect all Sony Exclusive FPS will have Move functionality in the future where they have buttons.

Robert Patrick3107d ago

Hmm...too bad Resistance 1 and 2 are like the worst FPSs I've ever played. Go ahead disagree you schmucks!

Erotic Sheep3107d ago

Actual reasonings would help to avoid a mountain of disagrees. While I do agree R2 was a bit of a letdown, Resistance 1 is one of the better FPS games I have played. The story, the setting, the weapons, the multiplayer.. it all came together perfectly.

ExplosionSauce3107d ago

The reason why you'd say "Go ahead disagree you schmucks!" defensively before anyone even responded, is because you know that you were trolling.

Back up your statements next time.

Bulletpr00fish3107d ago

How many gamers actually have access to 3D?

blasian3107d ago

Not I but when the prices drop whenver in the next year or so I will most defeintly come back to all these 3D games.

SilentNegotiator3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )


Did you ask things like that when HDTVs just started getting into homes?

Bulletpr00fish3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

It was just a question, relax everyone. I want to get a 3D TV eventually.

LordMarius3107d ago

As of yesterday, I do, though its not mine

hakis863107d ago

I have a 3DTV - It's SWEET

number473107d ago

*yawn* 3d isn't sold as "THIS IS FOR EVERYONE OUT THERE!" no, its sold for people who can afford it. The technology will come down in price, just as everything always does.

19423107d ago

everything has to start somewhere. why is it that people can't get that through their thick skulls?

sashimi3107d ago

because they are stupid.

Mista T3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

and they are ignorant too

Cevapi883107d ago

at least gamers can be confident in the fact that when they are able to afford 3D Tvs, their games and ps3's have been 3D ready for awhile having options is always a plus

Thecraft19893107d ago

Its only been out for short time. If sony thought oh no lots people dont have 3dtv's lets just sell them and market them and don't bring any 3d games or movies out to everyone has one in there homes.

I my self spent nearly £2000 on my sony 3dtv and am loving some of the 3d games when it comes more affordable a lot more people will buy and when they will have a huge amount of content to play and watch.

himdeel3107d ago in time everyone will have them standard.

colonel1793107d ago

I think it's the same as with HD. I remember when the PS3 came out, it was only in my dreams when i could play in an HDTV. I used my computer monitor from a VAIO as a TV.

2 years later, the prices of the HDTVs went down so much(or enough) for me to afford one. 3D will be no excpetion.

3D is also being introduced this generation. I think that the PS4 will be optimized for 3D without risking performance (or taking it into consideration) and we all be gaming in 3D in 3 or 4 years

badz1493107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

there's always somebody asking THAT stupid question in 3D-related thread! 3D is an investment for the future like how HD was when this gen started! and like HD, you still can play these 3D games without 3DTV like how you can game on 360 & PS3 WITHOUT HDTV! at the mean time, 3D is optional and luxury for those who can afford it but in the future, it will be for everybody when the technology goes down in price and everybody can have 1 without it costing an arm and a leg just like HDTV now!



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Terarmzar3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

i will soon

big_silky3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

How much more profit are developers going to lose now that Sony seemingly has made 3D and motion control mandatory for their games? S**t isn't free, developing 3D and motion controls is gonna cost devs a few bucks to implement.

edit-it's kind of an unspoken "mandatory". is it merely coincidence that all their 1st party devs are looking into 3D and Move support?

19423107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

where did they say it is mandatory? if you look up motion controls and 3d in games you would know they aren't expensive or take long to add to games. it took zipper 2 days to add move support to soccom 4 and gg already said 3d isn't hard to do.

edit: unspoken mandatory? so basically they decided to do it. come on man lets not make things up.

raztad3107d ago

I dont think Sony made 3d/move mandatory.

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