Playing It Straight

Over the years, developers have asked a great deal of our imaginations. We’ve had to project into the shoes of an Italian plumber, identify with the plight of a pill-hungry yellow blob, be men and women of all ethnic backgrounds, children, animals, criminals, lunatics, invalids, gods, aliens. But there’s one thing we’ve never been asked to do: play as a homosexual character.

While the TV and film industries finally appear comfortable with presenting gay characters without falling back on broad-stroke stereotypes, gamers have traditionally had to settle for worlds that, with a few notable exceptions, are heterosexual totalities. Homosexuals, if they ever appear, are cackling villains or puerile figures of fun on the sidelines.

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clinker3112d ago

This is an interesting article. I think that because commercially successful video games need to appeal to younger adolescent males and their parents, we are unlikely to see gaming push as many cultural taboos, particularly the gay issue. I think we are far more likely to see gay characters in independent games on PC platforms like Steam, before it is common in mainstream games.

but then again, in Bully you could kiss boys.