Thief: The Dark Project - A Masterpiece Revisited

In 1998 a small company that went by the name of Looking Glass Studios came out with a title no one would ever forget. Their release Thief: The Dark Project changed the face of stealth-action games and made many gamers envy the life of a medieval thief. Garret was the thief you took control of during your dark and mysterious adventures though the medieval landscape. Garret was clever, swift, masculine and extraordinarily brave; who didn’t want to be Garret when this game came out?

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ATiElite3104d ago

Thief and Metal Gear Solid both really revolutionized game play.

Thief being a First Person Tactical shooter just like Metal Gear Solids third person tactical shooter both are true masterpieces.

1998 was an amazing year as both were released just a few months apart.

Persistantthug3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

There aren't alot of stealth games, and the market is wide open....


Now that I read the article, Apparently there is a Thief 4 in development my bad.
And its about time.

Synex3104d ago

I pulled out my 3 set collection and started playing again yesterday. Still on the first one. I can't believe how awesome this game is 12 years after its initial release. Amazing. I can't wait for the 4th one.