Gran Turismo 5's Control Tweaks and Replay Options (Gameplaybook)

Gameplaybook's latest Gran Turismo 5 special focuses on the many control tweaks you can modify in the game, along with the abundant replay options at your disposal.

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2FootYard3109d ago

Now this is a real game!

Redrum0593109d ago

"the real driving simulator"

Dee_913109d ago

all the stuff they mentioned is in GT5P lol
besides the replay stuff

ExplosionSauce3109d ago

Yeah, this site isn't very informative. Especially since they're showing a 4 year old picture of GTHD in a GT5 article.

Hoje03083109d ago

Terrible article, amazing game.

GiantJedi3109d ago

I hope this game is easy to play, I sucked at GT4 and sucked at the GT5 time trial demo

Hoje03083109d ago

You probably shouldn't be playing sims then.

punisher993109d ago

@GiantJedi: The GT5 time trial demo didn't offer standard driving physics. Only professional physics. Thats what made it so tough to play.

Hoje03083109d ago

He also had trouble with GT4 though, which wasn't hard at all. Like I said, he probably shouldn't play sims. Not all games are made for all people, which is why different genres exist.