GameSpot: The Sims 3 Hands-On

GameSpot writes: "The Sims have made it to consoles before but not without reducing features that just wouldn't fit and sacrificing some of what makes the PC version so special. With the success of The Sims 3, it's not surprising that the Sims Studio is bringing the game over to next-generation consoles so that a wider audience can experience the joy of starting a sim family from scratch. We had an opportunity to see The Sims 3 for the Xbox 360 at the EA studio showcase in Redwood Shores, but this time, we played the PlayStation 3 version to get an idea of how the controls would feel. It's definitely not going to be as easy or as intuitive as a mouse, but everything of importance is mapped to one of the many buttons on a controller. So as long as you have those down, it should be relatively painless to navigate".

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