Sony Announce ITV Player and Other TV Catchup for PS3

Sony have announced officially ITV player, as well as other TV catchup services for PS3 at GamesCom 2010.

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Nitrowolf23109d ago

i want something like this for USA PS3 ownerz

Godmars2903109d ago

Don't think it can happen because of how US networks/cable companies are set up. Sony would have to set up a deal with DirectTV and still have to worry about NBC, CBS, ABC then USA which is actually owned by NBC.

Imperator3109d ago

Here's a video stream of Sony's conference. Really bad quality, but it's something at least.

Lucreto3109d ago

Ireland get shafted again.

None of these work in Ireland and we still don't have a video store.

redmamoth3109d ago

... your women have the sexiest vioces so every cloud!

MRMagoo1233109d ago

Irish accent sexy ????????? each to there own i guess lol

Close_Second3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

...TVNZ On Demand in NZ then its not worth having. It controls poorly (does not work with the official Sony PS3 blu ray remote), streaming quality is low and it sometimes does not playback at all.

I was so looking forward to the service in NZ (since we dont yet have a video store) but after a couple of times using it I wish I could remove it from my XMB. Maybe if it had been a dedicated app and not just the PS3 browser in disguise.

laid2rest3109d ago

i watch abc iview on it n its works with no problem at all jus gotta make sure ur internet speed is quick enough, it says it works best with at least 1.1mbps.. its awesome now it doesnt matter if i miss a bunch of shows. n i wouldnt call it the ps3 browser in disguise, it may not b an app but it bloody works exactly like one.

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The story is too old to be commented.