Massive Bear Studios Responds To Mafia II PS3 Version Issues

Massive Bear Studios writes: There’s nothing quite like waking up to an inbox full of angry emails about game features! Having been in this industry for 10 years, I wish I could say it’s the first time, and I’m definitely sure it won’t be the last! We’ve had emails asking about Mafia II PS3 before, but never this many, all almost identical. Some were actually quite polite (thanks Stacie)!

One of the emails actually had a hint as to what they were all talking about, so eventually I found my way here:

That’s right folks. That’s the press, and that’s our name. Yay?

Anyway, to anyone who may find their way here via that (and a couple of other) sites, let’s clarify.

2k made it. We helped. We did not ‘port’ the game.

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Jack Klugman4679d ago

Devs are literally ganging up on themselves trying to lay blame for yet another crap multiplat game.

Don't worry fella's you are not alone when it comes to a crappy port on the PS3.

You are just ALL lazy!! LOL Yeah, that has to be it!

Lovable4679d ago

Inexperience would be the right word.

morganfell4679d ago (Edited 4679d ago )

That and infamous. And they aren't famous, they are infamous. Infamous and too stupid to realize that it isn't infamous in a PS3 superhero cool character manner either.

With their latest comments they have succedded in taking the only possible path that has made them bigger dolts than they were when they first woke up this morning.

nveenio4679d ago

Bottom line is that it's not the developer's fault. If the publisher didn't say, "That's all the money and time we're giving you for now," then I'm sure that the developers would do everything they possibly could to make it perfect. (That's why Sony's exclusives are so amazing. Sony stands behind them until it's ready. No Sony exclusives are rushed to market.) Developers do what they can. If a shoddy game is published, then it's the publisher's fault. They don't have to publish something that's crap. They could say, "Fix it." They just didn't.

But that's EA for ya.

BattleAxe4678d ago

Massive Bear Studios along with Slant Six are making Vancouver look bad.

MGRogue20174679d ago (Edited 4679d ago )

This Man speaks the truth!

There is no excuse for the stuff missing in the PS3 Demo/Full PS3 version.. No excuses at all. It is all just pure laziness from either 2K Games or Massive Bear Studios.

And we will show them that they have done wrong by not buying the PS3 version of Mafia II, Whose with me?? :D

gamingdroid4679d ago

Yet most people won't even notice the difference in graphics.

evildeli4679d ago

At least 2k and Massive Bear has the balls to stand up and say something. So many companies like Activision and Sega turn such a blind eye to bad ports.

gamerzBEreal174678d ago

can you guys not talk so mmuch? what happend to graphics dont make the game? does the ps3 have somethingo gameplay? NO! so why are u crying? it's just GRASS BLOOD AND CLOTHING! it does not effect the story it does not effect the gameplay it does not take away the fun i really wouldn't care about these things i would just buy the game and play it i loved the demo and i would pay $60 for the full version even if it was like that

raztad4678d ago

The biggest offender are not graphics, but framerate (25 fps average) and screen tearing (close to 40% in some sections).

"New information has been uncovered revealing that the PS3's version of Mafia 2 is a direct port from the XBox 360, instead of it being a game built from the ground up. This is most likely to blame for the recent issues PS3 Mafia 2 owners have complained about."

xbox to PS3 ports === FAIL. Not buying crap, sorry.

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BeaArthur4679d ago

And this is why I own the 360 and the PS3.

talltony4679d ago

Still I rather see less foliage than take the risk of turning on my 360. I am way over due for a rrod. And I am saving some if its life for reach.

gamerzBEreal174678d ago

"Still I rather see less foliage than take the risk of turning on my 360. I am way over due for a rrod. And I am saving some if its life for reach."

And this is why I only own a PS3

Ascalon944678d ago

if you have warranty just send it in, in 3 weeks you will get it back with 1 month free of Live

talltony4678d ago

I have had my 360 since launch. My warranty is way over.

lastdual4679d ago (Edited 4679d ago )

Great exclusives on both consoles and the best versions of every multi-plat release. Unless you're poor, there's no reason not to own them all if you're a serious gamer.

MRMagoo1234678d ago

what exclusives are on the 360??

T9X694679d ago (Edited 4679d ago )

Compared to PC and 360, yea its a pretty bad port.

@Darkside66 - If you mean the demo (which 2K said would represent the final version of the game) then yes, I've played all 3. PC>360>PS3. You obviously haven't played the other versions if you think the only problem is the grass. There is also lousy shadow textures, screen tearing, frame rate issues, no blood effects, certain clothes like Trench coat are stuck to your body, controls mapped based off the 360 controller, etc. There are many reasons why the PS3 version falls VERY short compared to the other 2. Personally I wanted the PS3 version for the exclusive content, but after this BS I'll be passing on it.

kevnb4679d ago

its going to sell best on pc, just like mafia 1.

Anon19744679d ago (Edited 4679d ago )

You've played the game extensively on all 3 systems? You have proof, screenshots and live video evidence of this "bad port"?

I'd love to see it. Please, grace us all with a link to your evidence of just how bad this port is.

A couple of missing textures and small physics differences don't make a "bad port". It means there's a couple of different textures and the physics engine work's differently. For all you know there may be other areas where the PS3 version shines - but so many trolls are so eager to leap all over the negative.

How about you shut your pie hole until you know for sure, and then try to be realistic about the impact of any differences. So the grass is different. Spend a lot of time playing a game to stop and stare at the grass, do we?

kevnb4679d ago

have you seen the pc version? It looks like an entire generation ahead of the console version, I tried the demo on 360 and was surprised. Sure almost every game is much better on pc, but this is even more so than usual.

jack_burt0n4679d ago

Yeah its such a shame I was only planning on buying the game for the grass......................... ............................... ......../sarcasm

ddurand14679d ago

If you cant do something right, do it until you can.

This is pure laziness.

kevnb4679d ago

its not laziness, its a third party dev trying to port a pc game to ps3 on a limited budget. They didnt have to make this game at all, they probably almost didn't bother with the ps3 and its often low software sales. I suppose you think they should of spent 40 million dollars on the ps3 version?

Scotland-The-Brave4679d ago

If it needed 40 million then yes. It should have the same budget as other platforms. "often low software sales" its not 2006 now. The attach rate for games is higher on ps3 now

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