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Nitrowolf23105d ago

price cut for 120GB model hopefully
also VGchart better fix the sales now that sony said it is at 38 million

talltony3105d ago

Traded in my old 60 gig for a 120 gig slim, this kind of pisses me off.

Anon19743105d ago

It's going on 8 months now that there numbers have been about 2 million off on the PS3. Their numbers went screwy right around the time the PS3 slim launched. Ever since then they've been way off.

And it's not like the correct information hasn't been available. Sony has had 2 quarterly releases where they've given their official sales figures. All VGchartz had to do was google Sony's investor relations page and they would have seen the correct data. There was a time when VGchartz would adjust their figures when the official data became available. It appears those days are long past.

I imagine the 160 and 320 will be the new PS3 SKU's, replacing the old models. Expect to see price cuts on existing PS3 stock just like Microsoft cut prices on their old model 360's to make way for the 360S.

Sev3105d ago

This is great for potential PS3 owners!

TheTeam063105d ago

Yup. 320GB is with Move for 350 and the 160GB without Move goes for 300. I think those are just UK prices, tho.

Jrome3105d ago

You can see they are trying to pull people towards the move bundle by giving you an extra 160gb with the move for only 50 euros more :D

vhero3105d ago

I've just had the UK prices confirmed for the new PS3 SKUs. The 320Gb is £284.99 and the 160Gb is £249.99. 320GB includes the MOVE though so might as well pay the little extra for MOVE and a bigger HDD.

White-Sharingan3105d ago

MY 60gb recently died (RIP) so I would gladly take the 320gb with move bundle. Hopefully it hits the US too.

Sony Fiend3105d ago

320 gigs + Move for 349 euro's is a friggin sweet deal if ya ask me.

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The story is too old to be commented.