PS3’s Port of Mass Effect 2 now makes Mass Effect 1 obsolete

Mass Effect 2 releasing on the PlayStation 3 is a win for Bioware/EA/Sony/PS3 Owners but is it a win or fail for PC/360 owners of ME1? The fear from PC/360 owners of Mass Effect 1 is that Bioware will now downplay the choices made in ME1 in terms of their effects in Mass Effect 3 because Bioware would not PS3 owners to feel like they are getting the short hand of the stick.

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theonlylolking3106d ago

No it doesnt. If you dont have a saved file for mass effect 1 then in Mass Effect 2 at the start you decide what happened in mass effect 1 without even playing it.

R2D23106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Article Fail - you would think people would do some research before they put up stuff like this.

GWAVE3106d ago

Mass Effect 1 was and still is a great game.

However, ME2 going to PS3 would be like MGS4 going to 360. This is a huge blow to the confidence 360 gamers have in Microsoft. What's next? Gears of War?

Conloles3106d ago

The hell kind of a name is gamezenith

deadreckoning6663106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Can't believe someone disagreed with the first comment. I never cared(and I still don't care about the Mass Effect franchise), but that title is just plain stupid. Its like saying Uncharted 2 makes Uncharted 1 obsolete, its a retarded statement.

Dramscus3105d ago

What they'll probably do is have an extended prequel type character building tutorial section that'll cover as many things from the first game as they can.

Cut throughout with liberal amounts of cut scene's and maybe a few questions.

mastiffchild3105d ago

IDK how much I agree with the author but I get the feeling you guys either didn't read the article or just got too angry to think.

Hew is ONLY saying that now the second game will be on PS3 the effects on ME3 from what YOU chose in ME1 will be non-existant otherwise PS3 owners would be out in the cold.

He says ME1 is obselete only in terms of it's further effects(from what YOU did in it) on the series-that's all. Nor saying that by playing it and carrying over your saves doesn't give you the optimal experience, it clearly would, just that now it's influence on the series is over. I honestly can't see what you lot got so upset over as the guy is obviously a fan of the series and is concerned about how it now plays out for all gamers-if anything it's written from a more caring perspective towards 360/PC gamers as he's scared their choices from ME1 will now make no impact on ME3.

Or, you know, I read a different article.

captain-obvious3105d ago

without the first one there we'll be no second one

but in a good note
you dont need the first one to play the second one

Foliage3105d ago

And you didn't read the first comment did you? It completely proves why the article is false.

mikeslemonade3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

ME2 is more like Uncharted 2 going to 360. This is the 360's best game jumping ship. I love it. This is like a 2nd E3 for Sony. Maybe TGS will just be as huge. The PS3 does a real triple to cripple the 360 in 2010 muahahaha.

Sony3603105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

First comment is false, and it's clear that him and all the people blindly agreeing with it as a bullet-proof counter argument have never played the games.

In Mass Effect 2, there are a ton of decisions that have carried over from the first game that aren't confirmed with you at the beginning if you just start a new.

So no, the first comment doesn't "disprove" anything. You might be able to pick a few of the major decisions (you can pick several last time I checked), but certainly not all of them.

I guess you'd settle for just not experiencing a great game and jumping right into the sequel with all the decisions made for you.

Christopher3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

***However, ME2 going to PS3 would be like MGS4 going to 360. This is a huge blow to the confidence 360 gamers have in Microsoft. What's next? Gears of War? ***

Not really, it's just another third-party going multiplatform.

Look at GTA4, FFXIII, Resident Evil 5, and other big third-party games going to the Xbox 360.

I think it's a bit naive for certain people to start overplaying the importance of third-parties going multiplatform when more games that have been exclusive to the Sony brand in the past have moved over to the 360 platform in the last four years. Especially also considering that BioWare has a goal of going multiplatform with all future titles, which began with DAO and is now going towards the ME franchise as well now that they are out of the period for Microsoft's contracted limited console release clause.

What's next, if the PS3 outsells the 360 in console sales, is the 360 suddenly doomed even though it spent 4+ years ahead of the PS3 and still has more than 40 million consoles out there and has the highest attach rate of any console?

We all need to step back from these type of viewpoints and just realize that third-parties are starting to go for all platforms and that the consoles will start to sell themselves on the elements they already have become known for (XBL vs. Blu-ray and PSN).

DaTruth3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

So, amongst the flurry of Ps3 exclusives, FF13 going to 360 was such a megaton announcement that supposedly 360 won that E3; but one out of 4(25%) of the 360's only exclusive series goes to PS3 and that is not a big blow.

There's almost no reason to even buy a 360 now!

I see the writer's point and I would be just as concerned about the 360 ruining a series when it happens(MGSR:Lightning action???).

heroprotagonist3105d ago

GWAVE, it's not that huge of a blow. I still like my 360 just about as much as I did before the announcement of Mass Effect 2 coming to the PS3. It's good for PS3 owners, but it doesn't really change anything for me. I have my saves from Mass Effect 1, which moved over and affected my Mass Effect 2 play-through and now I have my saves from Mass Effect 2 ready for Mass Effect 3. After investing in ME and ME2 on the 360 it's not like I am suddenly going to buy ME3 for my PS3.

The 360 still has some games I love and all it really takes is one game I have to have to make a console worth owning. I also play most of my multiplatform games either on the PC or the 360 (because I have a lot of friends that play online and I get achievements). As far as consoles go the reason I choose the 360 for multiplatform games over the PS3 is because they almost always look and perform better.

So there are plenty of reasons to own the 360:

1. Good exclusives like Halo series, Alan Wake, Lost Odyssey, Gears of War series and Fable series.
2. Best performance out of the consoles for multiplatform games.
3. Best online service out of any of the consoles.

0mega43105d ago

you decisions in masseffect do not effect most of the game.

you actually have tons of dialogue where you decide what happened in the first one even if it occurred differently

the game plays better from a fresh install than it does with an uploaded character

0mega43105d ago

halo who will make halo now that bungie wont?
alan wake huge flop.
and how many gears & halo sequels and prequels can we take?


if it has the best multiplatform experience why are xbox ads using ps3 footage


just saying saying its the best live online experience doesn't mean anything
the whole xbox live is greater than psn has been drawn out like the rrod

psn is comparable in every way to xbox live
just because your in denial about your console
which you spend 50 a year for the privilege to get online for p2p not even dedicated servers

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Jack Klugman3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Completely false and stupid article.. In no way does that make sense..

Playing ME1 and ME2 and playing the whole game with the saves files is the full optimal experience.. Not some 2 year late port all half-assed cobbled together..

BiggCMan3106d ago

mass effect 2 is coming in january, less than a year after its release. and it will not be half assed. dont be stupid and blind. your an obvious troll. go back under your bridge. we all know your just upset.
and ps3 gamers will not miss much since they dont have a mass effect save file. sure the game is great, i know this personally, but not having a save from the first does not make it very different.

Biggest3105d ago

Poor Jack. He's a little sad lately. Keep your chin up. I heard Kinect has a Harry Potter rollercoaster game. That should cheer you up!

Sony3603105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Dude don't ruin their fun, the Ps3 is still in last place.

They need all the comfort they can get, even if it is a year late and without the prequel.

GameZenith3106d ago

You are missing the point. Just because you have a save file from ME1, that doesn't mean that Bioware will utilize it to it's full potential in ME3.

Example, just because a console (Xbox 360/PS3) has online support in XBL and PSN, that doesn't mean that developers will always develop a game that has online multiplayer.

Seferoth753105d ago

I see you fail to understand their point. While you decide what happens, you do not have the same impact. You make choices on every planet with a lot of NPCs. Those choices cannot be replicated by simply choosing what you want to happen at the end.

I see 17 other people completely missed the point as well. Probably never bothered to read the article.

He has a valid point. Throughout the game you make small and big decisions and those were promised to impact the game all the way into ME3.

Sony3603105d ago

There are tons of decisions you can make in the first game that carry through to the second, that you can't just make happen at the beginning of the second.

Christopher3105d ago

1. Yeah, it seems that for the PS3 at least that only your actions in the second game will matter much.

2. Technically, you can alter your choices made in ME1 with a few save game editors out there made specifically for such purposes, but completely get what you mean in regards to not going through a whole checklist type of element. Would be neat to be presented with a special 'choose your path' type of story for the ME2 on the PS3 that could allow you to make those sort of decisions if you wanted to. Would be neat for getting new gamers into the storyline from the first game, make a few of the decisions that were made from the first, and get some things set up for moving forward into the third game.

baker_boi3105d ago

The way they're talking (or not talking) about ME2 on PS3 there's prolly gonna be some add pre-ME2 type content you can play.

That's the feeling I'm getting anyway. But also, alot of folks came into the series on ME2 on 360, so obviously those fresh starters didn't miss those events from the first game too much.

So even if they don't include any decisions from ME1 it doesn't even matter in ME2 to begin with.

Look on the bright side, they couldah pulled a White Knight Chronicles 2, and make new comers play through the whole 1st game before they get to the content of the 2nd one.

And if they had just simply ported the 1st game over on the disc? Naaaah, people would bitch cause of the glitches left in it. You gotta choose your poison here. Nothin is gonna be totally right in this situation. Especially with 360 trolls amidst the thread.

Xander7563105d ago

How is this a huge blow to the confidence 360 gamers have in Microsoft? I think that GWAVE is a Sony fan.

ukilnme3105d ago

If you understood the thought patterns of PS3 fanboys you would not have to ask that question. When you finally do understand you will realize that it is a complete waste of time.

heroprotagonist3105d ago

They love to exaggerate.

Anyway, as to the point of the article, PS3 owners playing ME2 will just be like 360 owners who didn't play the first game and jumped right in to Mass Effect 2. There's no difference. It doesn't mean that Bioware can't make our decisions from the first game carry over through Mass Effect 2 to Mass Effect 3.

beardpapa3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

having played ME1 and ME2, I think it's very safe to say you don't need to have played ME1 to enjoy ME2 or understand what's going on.

I didn't download the DLC for ME1 so the only part of ME2 where I was WTF? was the illusive man. But even so not knowing who the illusive man was and how he was related to shepherd before I checked wiki, I was still able to enjoy ME2 and follow along that the illusive man has a lot of resources at his disposal and that he was a powerful mysterious man.

And I don't think that it would completely kill the player if he never played ME1 and jumped into ME2 & 3. It's not like you "had" to completely know the Shepherd whooped Saren in ME1 to enjoy ME2. Sure, Legion pops up later in the game and you wonder what the geth is going on, but to a player that's never experienced ME1, I don't think they'll think that way. They'll probably think "oh cool another alien creature thing" then they'll look it up in the codex afterwards if they're further interested.

I suppose it's similar to how someone can enjoy batman aa without ever knowing anything about batman, the joker, or arkham. It's not the complete experience but it's sufficient. Besides, how many of you actually played ME2, went back to ME1, and actually believed ME1's gameplay was better?

EvilBlackCat3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

"No it doesnt. If you dont have a saved file for mass effect 1 then in Mass Effect 2 at the start you decide what happened in mass effect 1 without even playing it" WELL SAID

YUP now the bias media, console fanboys and loyalists are making this Mass Effect PS3 issue a drama.

Reefskye3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

I got ME1&2 on PC played ME2 without saved data first time round because I formatted before it was announced. There a lot of smaller choices that impact on ME2 as well. I'm just replaying them both and ME2 is much better experience with the saved data quiet a lot of choices and interesting stuff missed out if your craft your player from scratch on ME2. I will be buying it for PS3 though so few of my family can enjoy ME as well.

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STICKzophrenic3106d ago

I can actually see what the author is saying.

The MAJOR choices made in ME1 really had minimal bearing on ME2. Was this done with the intention that ME2 would come to PS3 and they didn't have to leave out the PS3 audience?

Nihilism3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

The entire basis of the story, the general understanding of the council/alien race conflicts, the protheans, the reapers, shephard's story....everything about ME2 is explained in ME1.

If you played ME2 without playing ME1 it would be a very shallow playthrough. It's like watching a movie from the half way point. You might like the shiny explosions etc but you won't know wtf is going on...

Everyone buying ME2 on PS3 should pick up ME1 on steam for $10


"but not having a save from the first does not make it very different. "

If you don't have a save from ME1 it defaults to the council being destroyed, which is the first and one of the biggest player choice forks in the story...I think it makes a huge difference.

STICKzophrenic3105d ago

You do get a lot of the story and history from ME1, but I believe all the Codexes would be available if you don't import. Granted, reading doesn't give you the same feeling as learning it through the gameplay and conversations, but you can still get the info.

Also, the Council living or dying in ME1 has NO bearing on ME2 other than one brief encounter back on the Citadel.

Don't get me wrong, it's REALLY cool seeing all the little choices imported to ME2, but in the grand scheme of things, the major plot choices, like saving the Council didn't mean much in ME2.

badz1493105d ago

can you please put in your comment "SPOILER ALERT" so that you won't spoil the game for everybody now?? maybe too late, you just DID!

Nihilism3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Sorry, I figured most people would go straight to ME2, skipping which case it isn't a surprise.

I also think that anyone who had a legitimate interest in the serious would have played in on 360 or on PC already. So those that haven't played ME1 either don't have a 360....don't have a good PC....or don't care. I can't think of any other reason why they would skip it for years until the PS3 announcement. Unless they are the kind of fickle person who dismisses any game not on their system and then changes tact in some sort of schizophrenic victory dance...

Seferoth753105d ago

"Unless they are the kind of fickle person who dismisses any game not on their system and then changes tact in some sort of schizophrenic victory dance."

80% of the Sony fan base on this site is perfectly described right there.

badz1493105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

ME2, unlike ME1 was published by EA and there was a huge chance it will come to the PS3 and guess what it just did and with extra contents. so please don't just assume things as there are gamers on this site too, not just fanboys!

and @seferoth75 don't act like 360 fanboys are any better!

jakethesnake3105d ago

Well said dchal. Just because ME2 makes default choices for you doesn't make the first obsolete. The choices still matter because the only way (as of right now) that the original council can still exist in ME3 is if you saved them at the end of ME1. Plus there is the whole romance aspect which bioware has discussed and how your choices in the first two games will impact the third.

This article is just wild speculation with no factual basis. Even his links are just links to forums where people not from bioware talk about what they think is going to happen. It is not proof and this article makes bold statements that not only are not backed up by facts, but go against what Bioware has already said.

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big_silky3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Bioware has already said that Mass Effect 3 will pull from something like 1000 variables from the first 2 games.

"Numerically, it's over 1,000 variables that we'll have access to for shaping the Mass Effect 3 experience for people who've played the previous games," Bioware's Casey Hudson told PC Zone magazine."

This had better not change due to just ME2 ( as of now) being on Ps3. Big choices or not I don't ultimately want part 3 changed in any way just because Ps3 doesn't have the first game. I want to see the ultimate result of everything I've spent 40 hours doing, even if it's an insignificant conversation.

Foliage3105d ago

Why would that change? This is not like what happened with FF13, where Microsoft paid to get the game (a large amount) and paid to keep both versions as close as possible.

This was the opposite. Microsoft paid to pretend this was an exclusive title, although secretly they were just lying for a year to their sheep who thought it was exclusive. Now that the year is up, Bioware is bringing the game to the PS3. This doesn't change any of their plans, they have known about this for almost a year now.

KyonoRocks3105d ago

Agreed. Even if it's just little choices, I want to see every one.

My main worry is that they planned a big things like the return of Wrex or something, but they'll cut it because only Xbox/PC users will be able to see it.

n to the b3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

@big_silky I agree and I wonder if it's appropriate to draw comparisons to FFXIII?

ash_divine3105d ago

Don't pretend 360 fans didn't do the same thing with FFXIII. Or MGS and Tekken.

See, that's the truely most annoying thing about 360 fanboys. They have this delusional idea that they're any better then ps3 fanboys. They bitch and whine about things that they themselves also do.

the innocent act grts old. (I'm off my soapbox)

silkrevolver3106d ago

No? Two different games... that’s like saying Uncharted 2 makes the original obsolete... sure, 2 is better... but 1 is still it’s own game. Dumb article.

Chris_TC3105d ago

Uh-huh, and you just proved that you didn't read this "dumb article."
The author argues that choices made in ME1 may not carry over to ME3 anymore so that PS3 gamers aren't left out. Now please explain how your comment about Uncharted 2 is even remotely related.

silkrevolver3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Even if choices from ME 1 don’t carry over to ME 3 (which I suspect they will, just to lesser effect than ME 2 saves) it doesn’t mean playing ME 1 doesn’t matter. It’s still part of the story, it’s still part of the trilogy. If the Mass Effect games didn’t have the carry over saves at all, it would still be annoying that people who buy ME2 on the PS3 won’t be able to play the first game... but that’s not really my problem, because I’ve played the first two on the 360 anyway.

So all I’m really saying is: most people would like the opportunity to play Uncharted 1 before Uncharted 2, simply so they know the story and so they can play through what the game has in store. Same as ME1.

coolbeans3106d ago

Not even the biggest PS3 fanboy could agree with this dross. Same goes for 360 fanboys regarding MGSIV when it was rumored to come over.

jarrod19813106d ago

lame article. even if me1 choices dont carry over into me 3 which i think they would since they carry over into me2 which in turn carry over into me3 its still a great game and in no way makes it obsolete. great that it will be on both systems though even though i have to go with 360 version since thats where ive played the series from the start.

GameZenith3105d ago

I am not saying that ME1 as a game becomes obsolete, I am saying that the choices in ME1 becomes obsolete.

Also, just because they carried over to ME2, that does not mean they will carry over to ME3. Bioware could easily downplay the ME1 choices in ME3 and only play up the ME2 choices.

jarrod19813105d ago

although the title of your article say it makes it obsolete. ps3 owners whoe play me2 could choose a predetermined background that carries over into me3 but i think the choices you made in me1 that carried over into me2 and affected the way you played it will carry over and continue the way you play the game. either way i think it will be enjoyable either way.