Halo Leads the Charge on Win Phone 7 Gaming

Microsoft's huge launch game list indicates a serious bid to unseat the iPhone.

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Jack Klugman3953d ago

ahh, so it starts to make sense MS has abadoned the core 360 experience for mobile games and children exercise activities.

Oh, I know I should shut up.. I've got Halo and Gears and Halo and Gears and Halo and Gears.. What more could a core gamer want?

ATiElite3952d ago

Well if your a 360 core gamer you may wanna through a few Call of Duty's in there between them Halo's and Gears.

SOAD3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

If you go to college, then you'd readily agree that playing a large number of games from various genres is kind of impractical. If you have a lot of time on your hands, by all means, call the 360 a piece of shit.

If you barely have enough time to take a leak in between studying, then complaining about the lack of many games on the 360 doesn't make sense. As if you would have the time to play them anyway.

R2D23953d ago

Before any one starts to say Halo milking read the article first.

Its Halo waypoint on the W7 phone and not a Halo game.

tunaks13953d ago

well they are going to have to compete with both the google android and iphone install bases.

kissmeimgreek3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

OSs usually come in threes. Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. I dont know why but it feels right having three big ahots at the same time ( like consoles usually are).

Oh and i dont really count Blackberry since it doesnt really compete with the others anymore IMO.

EDIT: i mean Blackberry is still a sales leader, i just dont think feature wise it competes very well.

dkgshiz3952d ago

Theres really no chance of anybody switching to a new phone for a long while. Especially since all android phones have tons of apps. The iphone obviously started this whole app craze. Plus we all know MS phones usually never deliver.

ATiElite3952d ago

Microsoft hardware totally sucks.

iPhone and Droid have taken completely over. they are even crushing Blackberry. Palm, remember them?

Microsoft needs to just stop, make one cool Win 7 phone then go from there instead of one half arse attempt after another.

FinalomegaS3952d ago

iPhone and Droid have taken completely over. they are even crushing Blackberry. Palm, remember them?

BB = more business users with over 100M units

I don't think those 2 data phone pose a threat to RIM right now, but when they do upgrade the BB messenger ( still free worldwide) and fix their international security issues I think their shares will go back up.

I like the data phones but love my BBM and other features to much to change to a phone thats just bells and whistles. APP this APP that, seriously the apps are only to enhance your system not be your selling point.

did wish BB had some win7 features... I did like my HTC.

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