GDCE 10: Guerilla talks Killzone 3, new IP for Sony

Destructoid: In a special GDC Europe keynote today, Guerilla's Managing Director Harman Hulst talked about how the studio was founded as a startup, how it worked with Sony, and the development process of the Killzone franchise. (He also used the above header -- a Destructoid original -- in a slide!)

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theonlylolking3112d ago

The new Ip will probably be for the Playstation 4.

-Mezzo-3112d ago

Higly Doubt It, Can't Wait To See What These Brilliant Developers Come Up With.

-Ikon-3112d ago

Dude Amsterdam I mean come on these guys are GREAT..

There studio name is even ownage. GUERRILLA Can be taken many ways from animals to 3rd world fighters

nickjkl3112d ago

it will mostly likely begin on the ps3 and continue onto the ps4

Szarky3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

My guess would be for PS3 using the same engine as KZ3. Most likely another FPS.

There's too much money to be made. No way they would wait for the next generation of consoles. What would you develop for? A new console with a user base of only couple million on PS4 or the user base in 2 or so years from now on the PS3 of 30-60 million.

NYPunkster3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

Excited about new IP ◉Fap Fap Fap◉

@the only lol

The PS4 isn't slated to come out for another 5 years isn't it?

nickjkl3112d ago

no it can come out when ever

like idk how hard it is for people to understand what sony meant by a 10 year life span

Panthers3112d ago

While it could be, I hope not. The PS3 has so much life and potential left. I wouldnt mind it being another 5 years until the next batch of consoles are released.

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DiLeCtioN3112d ago

what could this new ip be...i mean KZ3 is already going to be huge...

ArchangelMike3112d ago

They have earned their much deserved stripes in my book, and rank up there with the great devs of this gen. Bring on the games!!!

Studio-YaMi3112d ago

and thanks for sharing the article,but that picture is just asking for it,stop trolling :\ !

Kalowest3112d ago

GG just make really good graphical games, and that's it, i really want to see what IG, SP, ND, and QD, can make next.

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