EA Has No Plans to Bring Mass Effect 1 to PS3

Earlier this morning, EA announced that they will be bringing Mass Effect 2 to the PS3 in January 2011, however, it looks like Mass Effect 1 won't hit the PS3 in the future.

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rroded3107d ago

thought they published it so no way can they put it on ps3..

lodossrage3107d ago

if they rework and rename it a bit like Tecmo did with Ninja Gaiden 2 sigma

andthensum3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

PS3 has been taking exclusives left and right, I'm really starting to feel like I only need 1 console, especially when move comes out. Aww men, great time for PS3 owners.

I mean come on, PS3 owners just got the used-to-be-console-exclusive "Potential GOTY for 360" game. Lmao if you ask me.

It definitely looks like EA and Sony are becoming best of friends.

captain-obvious3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

well the game is too old so it dont think it worth it

-Ikon-3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Which was better IMHO

EDIT : Talking Sigma here

Christopher3107d ago

I prefer ME1 to ME2, but can see why they'd want to just go forward with ME2. You don't need both to get people into the story and this is just setting up for ME3 on all HD platforms.

KS19853107d ago

If Mass Effect 2 Sells Well on PS3, Bioware and EA could release the First game under the title "Mass Effect: Origins"

gamingdroid3107d ago

I think the first game really gave the backdrop story of the second one. I enjoyed it immensely and it is unfortunate that the first one won't be available for the PS3.

I guess the third ME game will be a multi-platform release.

R2D23107d ago

but is it really worth it to rework an old series? Sigma was still pretty new so I can see people still having an appeal to play it.

Quick question, Since Sony published Final Fantasy 7 can Square release it on the 360? Not trolling just want to know how this publisher thing works.

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PirateThom3107d ago

As I've noted, it depends.

Ninja Gaiden and Ninja Gaiden 2 were both published by Microsoft, but a name change and some new content later and they're both on PS3.

It just depends what the stipulation was.

brazilianbumpincher3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

so if EA include a catch up story in the now confirmed bonus content (which common sense tells me it will probably be in the way of a movie telling us the events of me1)that then allows ps3 owners to jump straight into the much more superior mass effect 2 then thats thumbs up all round

then 360/ps3 owners will both be upto date in time for me3

fantasygamer3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

I think MS also published Ninja Gaiden 2 yet Ninja Gaiden Sigma came to PS3. aww.. nvm i was too late -.-

Dragun6193107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

I'm guessing Bioware will just fill us in the situation through the hours of bonus content for the PS3 owners.

raztad3107d ago

Sounds like a good guess. Lets see how EA/BioWare sorts out this issue.

BTW, is it really needed to fully play the first in order to enjoy the story in the second? because that wouldnt make any sense even to newcomers to the series on the xbox.

From the ME2 demo I played, there is an introduction of sorts to the events happened in ME1, and you actually can set a new character up, and start a new adventure.

Imperator3107d ago

As long as there's a good recap it shouldn't matter much.

betrayed gamer3107d ago

what about the choices of keeping characters alive or killing them off that changes the story abit. i wanna know what they plan to do about it

DJMarty3107d ago

Sony Published Ghostbusters, but that ended up on 360.

Publishing rights isn't IP rights.

EA own IP rights to ME, not MS.

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-Mezzo-3107d ago

This doesn't make sense, i am certainly Pre-Ordering ME2 but playing it without being familiar to it's History would be weird.

Optical_Matrix3107d ago

MS published and practically funded the first Mass Effect. I think that's what's stopping them.

-Mezzo-3107d ago

Well Thats A Shame. But Still I Am Just Too Damn Happy For ME2.

cobraagent3107d ago

I played ME2 on pc without having plyed the first one and it wasn't weird at all. Fantastic game but i don't see why i should buy it for ps3...

Method3107d ago

You don't NEED to play the previous game for it to make sense.

All of the important plot moments in Mass Effect 2 are fairly straight forward sci-fi and can be be grasped by anyone regardless of whether they've played the first or not.

dtalon33107d ago

all of the important plot elements in Star Wars Empire strikes back as well...but would you have even nearly cared as much as you did when Vader said "Luke, I am your father!". Needed? no, but to say its "straightforward sci-fi and can be grasped by anyone" is not really doing the story justice.

If the game was that shallow it wouldn't be as good as it is.

Shang-Long3107d ago

Actally vader said "No.. I am your father"

baodeus3107d ago

well if you are willing to read (they have all the background story of ME1 in the x360 version) you can get some ideas. However, the only draw back is you'll be missing on the character import from ME1 thing (that you can actually see how it plays out through ME2) which i thought is quite interesting. Well i guess at least you can still import ME2 to ME3 then.

DJMarty3107d ago

Nothing would stop them adding a brief story recap. Blu-ray has the storage.

pr0digyZA3107d ago

Lol I guess you can read wiki or actually i think there are youtube vids that have a short clip on the story of the first one.

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Zir03107d ago

ME2 is better than nothing, but the story will be very hard to follow without 1.

shoddy3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

no need to follow. my guess in part one is Saren ally with geth to take over the galaxy and Shepard come in to save the day.

part 2 pretty straight forward, recriut teams and destroy the enemy.
same as part 2 and part 3.

I'll play ps3 version for trophies.

Godmars2903107d ago

If it not legal issues with MS, its proabbly that they're thinking of updating the gameplay and inventory engine and it would take to long. That it'll be out after ME2.

Sony Fiend3107d ago

They just need to make like a downloadable codex of ME 1 or better yet a 2 hour animated comic (Dead Space style)

But who am I fooling. EA once said they had no plans to put the ME franchise on PS3 and yet here we are.

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