Harry Potter gets Kinected - is this a game to entice you?

Does Kinect support in Harry Potter make it game worthy of your attention? Msxbox-World explores.

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KILLERAPP3108d ago

I guest this is in response to Sony’s game sorcery…

zootang3108d ago

Have you seen the video?

Cevapi883107d ago

who the hell did they hire to photoshop this...on the screen, you got the characters who are BOTH holding a wand and only one dude who is supposedly playing is holding a wand...good job photoshop guy, good job

captain-obvious3107d ago

you do know that this is a mltiplat coming on MOVE too right ??

3107d ago
Biggunz3107d ago

Is this the biggest news to come out of the MS press conference?...things are not looking good for the 2nd place console.

bruddahmanmatt3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

This looks awful. Aside from the fact that this game is clearly "on rails", Kinect was having a very difficult time interpreting player input and translating it on screen. More than a handful of times one of the guys would gesture for an attack and nothing would happen on-screen. Not only that, we all know that the more complicated the game itself in terms of visuals, gameplay and design, the more resources it hogs. You can tell that with a game like Harry Potter which is fairly more complex than say Ricochet or that Rafting game, Kinect was having an even harder time than usual with lag. Move is pretty damn close to 1:1 but we all know that there's a hint of lag involved. This game however, this looked God awful. For anyone who's ever tried to play a game that pushed the hardware too far (be it a PC game on an underpowered rig or a game that tries too hard and is too ambitious towards the end of a console's life), lag totally ruins the experience. With this game, I'd get fed up in five minutes tops. The on-rails setup doesn't help either. Everything is predetermined and there's no sense of exploration or adventure. At least with Sorcery you can go off and do things in your own way thanks to free movement.

I like the idea behind Kinect, but simply put, look at our controllers these days, specifically the Dualshock 3. Four face buttons, four shoulder buttons, two analog sticks with click inputs, three menu buttons and a d-pad that in recent years has begun to be used as a secondary set of four face buttons AND six way motion control. The vast majority of the games that we love to play today simply require too many forms of input to be handled without some sort of controller.

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Imperator3107d ago

No, becuase PS3 owners are getting actual core games like Dead Space 2. I could care less about Harry Potter's Kinect support. Especially if it's also getting Move support (which would be MILES better).

WLPowell3107d ago

sony gets this game too (move supported)... but it's not on-rails. Just remember, Kinect is totally gonna open doors for game mechanics we've never dreamed of... we just won't EVER see them... cause they're made of magic and dreams... and elf blood.

Triella3107d ago


If this is the case, then HP doesn't stand a chance :

GodHandDee3107d ago

Then they failed...this 'might' sell among casuals pretty well with marketing BUT as a game, it will be no where near the league of Sorcery

@captain-obvious: Actually I think they said they 'won't' do a Move edition for the game

finbars753107d ago

No you have it wrong.The move was 1:1 and Kinnect was diskinnected with such lag.Although the game does look promising how about you try it with move next time and maybe people will be more excited because it works.

hybridtheory123107d ago

No... Sorcery is ACTUALLY GOOD

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rebirthofcaos3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

I havent read the article. But im guessing they will say that it will entice you.

Update: They arent that entice.

Titanz3108d ago

Seriously, they're dipping their "magic stick" in everyone's gumbo(Gumbo is a soup with added ingredients like, beef,spices,etc.).

tunaks13107d ago

how do you move harry around?

-Alpha3107d ago

Didn't watch the video, but I assume it's on rails, or limited like that Star Wars game they showed.

D4RkNIKON3107d ago

Kinect - It only does Rails

Big Red Balls - Stationary
Kinect Adventure - Rails
River Rush - Rails
Dance Central - Stationary
Kinect Sports - Mixed (that hurdles game is on rails the rest stationary)
Harry Potter - Rails
Sonic Free Ride - Rails
Star Wars Light Saber - Rails

ActionBastard3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

You are correct sir!

fedex6823107d ago

Not the best quality but something better than nothing....

What I don't understand in this video is how are the characters in the game moving? I don't see the guys on stage do anything...

Biggest3107d ago

That is probably as bad a demo as possible. It was less responsive than the E3 Zelda demo. I wonder if the lag and rails disappear off-stage.

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GuruStarr783107d ago

I like my xbox 360, but this Kinect thing is such a bad idea.....MS should focus on games and new IPs instead of this garbage and the shovelware it's going to spawn....

MariaHelFutura3107d ago

Yes they should. They should buy some 1st party studios.

nycredude3107d ago

Why is this in the Ps3 section?

D4RkNIKON3107d ago

It has Move support too from what I hear.

rdgneoz33107d ago

"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be avaialble for the PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PC and DS this November"

Though the stuff shown was the "Kinect challenge mode". Being on rails doesn't really do it for me, still waiting to see games where you can actually move around.

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