1UP: Sony Gamescom 2010 Press Conference Live Blog

1UP writes: "Before Europe's big gaming event Gamescom kicks off tomorrow, Sony is holding its big pre-Gamescom press event, and we'll be covering it live*. Stay tuned to this story for all the news and commentary from our editors in attendance, Sam Kennedy and Thierry "scooter" Nguyen. What do we expect might get announced? Well, there is that new Ratchet game we've been hearing about. Insomniac is supposed to show something new soon. And it might not be until TGS, but at some point Sony needs to talk about the PSP2. No matter what, we expect it to be worth tuning in for."

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mushroomwig3106d ago

This is the worst blog I've ever read, try showing a little professionalism instead of 'oh x10...'

WhittO3106d ago

Really, he should be sacked lol, they really want people like this writing content for their website?

MoB213106d ago

I rather enjoy it. 1up is the only blog i've seen so far that is actually providing constant updates, whether it be the actual show or them taking a dump. They are doing a good job keeping themselves and their viewers preoccupied until the conference starts.

Christopher3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Yeah... I don't mind people being biased, but don't make it so obvious and even way before the damn event even starts. These guys did the same thing at E3 and it was just annoying as heck.

@MoB21: It was directed at 1Up and the comments they tend to make in their LiveBlogs. They love Microsoft in them and really do what they can to bash the heck out of Sony and Nintendo. Just wish they would report the news and not go towards their usual immature crap.

MoB213106d ago

I am not biased towards one site or the other. Actually, i haven't visited the 1up website in years cause i always thought it was shit compared to IGN/Gamespot . Just at this very moment, they see mto be doin a good job at keeping people interested. Worst comes to worst, ill just switch over to IGN at approximately 1:00pm EST

nickjkl3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

id rather them show their personality than to show professionalism it gives you a real feel

Example:i hope they let us in before it rains or THEY BETTER LET PEOPLE IN BEFORE IT STARTS TO RAIN!!!

Example:the even wont start for another 45 minutes or By the way, the event won't actually start for another 45 minutes. Sony just invited everyone early so they could stand outside for an hour

now which one sounds funner i would rather take the comments with passion

Christopher3106d ago

The problem is they're a lot like Robin Williams. When it needs to be turned off, they don't know how. So, when they're reporting on the important stuff, they spend more time joking than actually reporting. At least in their Live Blogs.

Christopher3106d ago

So far they're a little behind the Live Blogging from but they're delivering just the news. A bit abbreviated, but just the news and no lame jokes so far.

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MGRogue20173106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

... As long as they deliver the "good stuff" (You know what I mean :D) then it's all good. ;)

barakiu3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

StephenTotilo: That link above, by the way, is looping. Thanks to those who pointed that out.

El Nino3106d ago

was there one last year @ gamescom from sony?

its just making me think negativly ya know...why would they not have a stream, EA had one

trounbyfire3106d ago

for the love of god

some one has a web cam

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