Mass Effect 2 on PS3: Xbox 360 Owners Jealous?

What are your initial thoughts on the announcement? Did you really see it coming, or is this a total surprise to you? After reporting on countless rumors, I have to say that I had my doubts on whether we would see the franchise on Sony’s console, but I am pleasantly surprised.

PS3 owners are obviously delighted with the news, but are Xbox 360 owners slightly jealous?

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Wildarmsjecht3107d ago

for flamebait hits. Why ask if 360 owners are jealous? They probably aren't. The fanboys might be in some silly fashion, and thus will be the one to clink on your link. Not I however. Not I.

I'm interested in playing this on my PS3 as soon as I get more details on whether or not they can fully explain backstory and character transfer(I.E. placing ME1 with part 2 as well. They said bonus content, but who knows what that means)

nikkisixx23107d ago

Why would they be jealous if they have the game too?

jack_burt0n3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )


Any way u spin its the biggest news of gamescom is ps3 getting mass effect maybe you guys dont remember ff13 going to xbox it was on the front page for weeks lol.

Red_Orange_Juice3107d ago

cos they lose the best 360 "console exclusive"

Anarki3107d ago

Was going to buy this on 360, good job I held out that little bit longer.... because, everyone knew........... it was going to happen eventually.

Good news, wonder if it will look any better on PS3.

hakis863107d ago

i hope we see slightly upgraded graphics like we did on Oblivion, rather tham a gimped port like Mafia 2.

This is good news though, I'm getting it if it's not a bad port.

gamingdroid3107d ago

'cos they lose the best 360 "console exclusive"'

I think the fanboys might be jealous, but everyone else just plays the games and move on to the next. Who cares if it is multi-platform or exclusive.

The only thing I ever cared about when buying games are, is it good and what is the price tag?

A Cupcake for Gabe3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

360 Fanboys on N4G are pretty pissed. Or at least they make it out to seem that way. But I would assume that most normal people are just happy that an awesome franchise is getting the star treatment and soon will be available to 38 million more people. This should help boost Japanese sales as well.

SilentNegotiator3107d ago

Jealous of a game they already have?

Fanboys are sobbing, I'm sure, but Xbox gamers have no reason to be "jealous"

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solidjun53107d ago

This article is unnecessary. It only continues that fanboy cycle.

Christopher3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

How would 360 owners be jealous of PS3 owners getting a game a year after they did?

I'm happy with more games being available to more gamers. Just hope it comes with all of the DLC on the disc.

@disagrees: Really, you think 360 owners are jealous that more people can play games they've already played? Really? GTFO with that mentality. You're not gamers, you're idiots and fanboys.

*** The fact that there are fewer reasons to get a 360, like it wasn't already low enough. ***

You see, that's coming from a sony fanboy, not a real 360 gamer. Not enough reasons to get a 360?

- Best online gaming
- Halo
- Gears of War
- Fable
- Crysis 2 exclusive title

And there are a ton more reasons to own a 360, let alone that first one being the best one since it is the best online experience on a console to date and it's unlikely that will change any time soon.

Seijoru3107d ago

The fact that there are fewer reasons to get a 360, like it wasn't already low enough.

Myze3107d ago

I think what they really want to ask is "Are 360 fanboys Jealous?" I have no idea why someone, who is not a MS fanboy, would be jealous if they have the game on their system already. However, for the fanboys, I have no doubt the vast majority of them are jealous.

Omega Zues3107d ago

You just listed ESPN. That bad huh?

Christopher3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

***You just listed ESPN. That bad huh? ***

LOL you just laughed at being able to watch all of your sporting needs with additional features for only $50 a year rather than the $200+ deals you would normally have to make on cable channels without any additional features.

Seriously? ESPN deal is a huge win for the 360 and anyone who likes sports... which are a ton of gamers.

This is a sad moment for Sony fanboys here with your attempts to put down the 360 just because a third-party that already wasn't exclusive to the 360 decided to go to another platform.

GTFO of here with you idiots. You are nothing but the garbage that litters up the important topics and debates on N4G here.

@raztad below:

***BTW, I guess Crysis 2 --> Crytek***

Yes. Thank you.

***And Best online gaming is debatable.***

Based on the statistics, not really. There's nothing that PSN does better than XBL in general, but there is a lot more than XBL does that PSN doesn't and it has the highest number of online gamers.

raztad3107d ago


I agree doesnt make sense 360 fans be jelous, but fanboys are pissed.

BTW, I guess Crysis 2 --> Crytek

And Best online gaming is debatable.

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xTruthx3107d ago

Any 1 found a link to sonys press conference at gamescon ? I think is streaming it.

Imperator3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

So now PS3 has all the best exclusives, and all the multiplats. Seriously, if you don't have a PS3 by this point then you can't honestly call yourself a real gamer.

PS3 has the highest rated High Def exclusives, and all the highest rated multiplats.

poindat3107d ago

Yeah this is pretty fucking stupid.

1) Any real gamer (i.e. not a pathetic fanboy) would be glad that more people get to experience such a great game

2)Why would 360 owners be jealous over losing a series... That isn't even 360 exclusive! The damn thing was multiplatform already, on the PC.

LordMarius3107d ago

yeah but check out the meltdowns on the web, but if you want to attach a face to them link is below

EvilBlackCat3107d ago

360 owners are jealous? LOL!!!!

The game have been out there for a year now on PC also so anybody can say... "hey im getting this on PC or just borrow a 360 and rent it"

WTF? If you get jealous because there is a game on the other console that you wanna play it then... BUY the other console too you FOOL!

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ThatCanadianGuy3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

I think reality is finally starting to set in for them.Xbox 360 is nothing but timed exclusives mixed with a yearly serving of Halo.

Next up, splinter cell!

KILLERAPP3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Why should they be? They already have the game and probably finish it multiple times, now PS3 owners can enjoy it everyone wins…

Hands Up For Games3107d ago

That is far faar faaar to sensible a comment for this site!

You should know better :).

ATLGAMER3107d ago

why buy any console if all the games are on the will just get the cheaper one.....alla xbox 360

iamgoatman3107d ago

Was about to post pretty much the same thing, but seeing as you beat me to it, here's a bubble.

GiggMan3107d ago

I agree with you. This is not "big" news for anyone (like myself) who own multiple consoles. I was hoping for an announcement of something new...

gamingdroid3107d ago

Most sensible comment I read all day, yet it is so glaringly obvious. Go figure!

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Zir03107d ago

Not really, without the first its like getting half a game.

There are so many choices which carry over the experience won't feel as personal.

Megaton3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

That's the way I see it. The Collectors and events of ME2 were almost entirely filler. You're missing the main story without the first game. Not to mention all of the choices from the first game that impact ME2 with a save transfer.

iamgoatman3107d ago

True, but I've played through the game several times already, once with my carried over character from ME1 and once with a new character. You can get by without the various information being carried over, but like you said, it's not quite as personal, and you don't really feel invested in the character the same way. Plus you do miss out heavily on the story elements of the first game, which were arguably better than the second. ME 2 still makes sense, but it's not the complete experience on it's own.

My advice would be if anyone is planning on picking up ME2 for the PS3, try to play ME1 first on PC or whatever, you won't get the character specific variables carried over, but you'll get the back story.

Simon_Brezhnev3107d ago

I already beat it on PC im not buying it on PS3.

Theo11303107d ago

same here, I really don't get what all the fuss is all about; It's EA, of course it was coming to ps3. All you guys need now is l4d. Which regardless about how you feel about Valve and it's past with the PS3 you should still pick it up.