APB developer RealTime Worlds closing

Last week, rumors surfaced about RealTime World's financial woes. The company was said to be laying off the entire staff working on their freshly announced game MyWorld. Word just reached us that this was not enough to save the studio.

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Letros3109d ago

Ouch, good luck to those that need it.

sack_boi3109d ago

Well, you can't expect people to pay a monthly fee for a GTA game

SilentNegotiator3109d ago

They spent $50 million, one of the highest game budgets (#7, ), on APB.

They should have known better than to spend all that on something that wasn't a sure thing.

Rest in Peace, RealTime.
I was REALLY hoping you'd make Crackdown 3.

Baka-akaB3109d ago

they actually could charge for it , if it was any good . It's pretty and got cutomisations , but the gameplay is meh and repetitive ...
Might as well just have done Home or the 360 avatars

Trunkz Jr3109d ago

Their clothing is ok, customs on that is fine. Their hair tho, there's only 30 or something and many aren't too great.

I won't even go into the cheaters that ruin the game cause of lack of anti cheat. I wasted my money on this crap, but I still have my basic free hours that came with the game, I'm sure many more would be crapin themselves for having to pay for more hours.

They would of made it Free-2-Play upon purchase, then have it so if u want you can pay for extra stuff. Forcing people to pay for more hours made many steer away from this.

Immortal3213108d ago

but I'm not, but I'm still piss on the fact that a developer studio flop big time.

NYC_Gamer3109d ago

terrible choices will ruin the studio

Catharsis3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

How could they not see it coming? They refused to listen to advice from the very beginning of beta stressing the need for basics like decent driving, shooting and being actually able to PLAY the game as a crim without cops being dispatched on you every other minute.

jay23109d ago

Beep, thats bad, I've been playing APB since the privet BETA and really enjoy the game, heartbreaking news for me,

Apollyn3109d ago

The game itself is pretty bad yeah but its actually fun one of few games that really is fun and can just be pick up and play. Tis a shame tbh :(

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The story is too old to be commented.