VideoGamer: Sony Gamescom 2010 Live Report

Sony is set to reveal at least one new game at its gamescom 2010 press conference, and VideoGamer will be reporting live to bring you all the news as it happens from 5pm BST. PlayStation Move is bound to play a major part in the platform holder's line-up, but will any new titles for the peripherals be announced?

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writersblock3110d ago

Official, whens it start
I should have paid attention in geography when they taught us timezones

NY and Toronto are Eastern time, GO WITH EASTERN

LeonSKennedy4Life3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )


It should have started 15 minutes ago.


EDIT: Thanks for the update. Bubbles!

Wolfie3110d ago

40minutes left

can't wait

Aquarius3110d ago

might as well say 60 minutes because everyone has to sit their asses down on the chairs before it can begin

wollie3110d ago

are they runnin late?

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