Killzone 3 Hands-On Impressions: Sony Stunner

Dealspwn writes: "I’ve not mentioned the 3D on show on some screens for Killzone 3 and the main reason for that is that it was pretty disappointing. There was a little bit of extra depth, but I never exactly felt like the bullets were zipping past me at all. It didn’t help that the 3D TV kept turning its 3D mode off. The graphical resolution takes quite a hit too.

Forget that though, Killzone 3 doesn’t need 3D to become an essential game on our most wanted lists. Even at this early stage I can see how the controls have been tightened up and how the weapons feel a lot more effective than before. The on-rails sections and the inclusion of jump-packs help add some much needed variety to the game and hopefully we’ll see a few more surprising locations to go with this new frozen setting."

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nycredude3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Guys here is someone covering the Sony conference with a video.


Sorry guys here it is. not the best but works.

Sigh3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

what a bummer :(

xYLeinen3108d ago

Totally agree. Killzone 3 doesn't need neither Move support or 3D to be a huge title. And adding 3D and Move support on top will just make it appeal to a much broader audience and bring a bigger experience to us core gamers imo.

3D may be a gimmick for many of you and I do understand why. But for those of us who got a 3D tv, this will be surely great.

jack_burt0n3108d ago

as long as the rez tradeoff is optional its win win win.

gamefan1013108d ago

well u really can't complain that GG decided to put KZ3 in 3D and support PS Move.I kno most ppl,including myself won't by a 3d tv just yet,but I'd def like to try it out if given the chance.3d and Ps move will just provide gamers wit a new way and new experience to play a game.and will prolly attract a new u can't go wrong

writersblock3108d ago

So true, killzone 2 had the best grenades I'd ever used
Perfect cooking, perfect aim every time. With practice, they landed exactly where you needed as cooked as you needed