Aimassist: Mafia II Demo Impressions

aimassist: "Mafia II has been in the making for a very long, long time. The first game, “Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven” released back in 2002, a brilliant yet unpopular title that brought along a whole new meaning to “sanbox games” with it’s incredible realism, attention to detail, huge focus on an actual story and a well laid out and presented plot.From the onset Mafia 2 has a lot to live up to, is it headed in the path of success? "

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bmatthews3106d ago

I'm really happy with it, will be buying it

OperationFlashpoint23106d ago

Such a shame people can't work with the PS3 after this many years, it's just ludicrous. Yet another crappy port.

lyvon3106d ago

Unbelievable 2k Czech, unbelievable!

Citroen3106d ago

on their forums, one of their representatives said the PS3 final version will not differ much from the demo, such a shame. It's another multiplat that falls below par, who would have thought MAFIA II would join such a list of games....*sigh*

bmatthews3106d ago

Luckily for me, my PC can play it, it's a blast on PC, absolutely brilliant to play and the graphics are great.

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iNetWatch3106d ago

unfortunately it's merely a rental for us PS3 owners...unless I beef up my PC :(