98% of Bungie now 'not working on Halo'

Ninety-eight per cent of Bungie's employees have now stopped working on Halo and moved over to the studio's new multiplatform project, the developer's told CVG.

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Cloudberry3107d ago

Curious about their new project.

And all of the publishers in the world, they ended up with Activision......... : /

10 years at that.

GWAVE3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Yeah, I smell another Tim Schafer/Brutal Legend debacle with Activision.

$100 says that after one game with Activision, the majority of the Bungie staff leaves Bungie, forms a new studio, and shacks up with EA.

XactGamer3107d ago

Many of Bungies vets have joined 343. Once Atcivision sucks the life out of the rest of Bungie the only ones left will be the guys who cleaned the toilets and then their games will truly be sh!t.

himdeel3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

...and if I were a fan that means the sweet sweet release of Reach could be in my hands this month but I'd still have to wait until September 14th :(

Woo the pressure!

Perjoss3107d ago

the other 2% are making tea and coffee for the 98% working on Halo.

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nygamer283107d ago

no shit.....there done with halo,now there working on there new ip with activision

THC CELL3107d ago

I was done with halo, since halo 2
Waste of time it is

Call of duty will only steal its MP crown again, even tho i hate call of duty now
Thanks to MW2.

KingME3107d ago

Were you done with halo since halo 2 because you don't own a 360? That's more likely the real reason, not because it was a waste of time. And you hate MW2, wow so what do you like?

(Awaiting list of PS3 exclusives)

tdrules3107d ago

so does that mean the post launch support wont be as solid as Halo 3's was

XactGamer3107d ago

Activision + support = no such thing, so stop making up fairy tails.

tdrules3107d ago


Halo Reach is not published by Activision, and in retroscect 343 Industries will probably support it.
And Activision does support their games, paid DLC is better than no DLC


DLC =/= support

Selling crap that should already be on the disc isn't support. Efficiently patching glitches, bugs and other annoyances, while also guiding the game to the community reports and needs, that's support.

MGRogue20173107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )


Manager: "That's enough boys.. We're done with this Halo: Reach shit.. time to develop a completely different game now"

Halo team: "Ahhh.. what? Come on dude.. We want our holiday! You promised. D:"

Manager: "Going on a holiday will not put money in our pocket, Now get back to work, Bitches!! >:D"

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The story is too old to be commented.