Former Rockstar Devs: Casual Games "Breath of fresh air"

Ex: So what do you develop after working on hit franchises like Grand Theft Auto? A board game of course! Founding CEO and industry veteran, Helmut Hutterer has announced the company's first title.

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CrAppleton3105d ago

Haha, WTF? Rockstar is moving on to board games??

MGRogue20173105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Who would have thought... What the hell are they thinking? :D

Get back to GTA please, ffs. lol

il-mouzer3105d ago

damn, do you guys even READ the article before you post your comments? or is reading just an option?

killyourfm3105d ago

Erm, no. As the headline says it's former rockstar devs. But I wonder what kind of board game Rockstar WOULD make?

iamnsuperman3105d ago

GTA merged with monopoly style board game