What drives the console war debate?

The console debate has been playing out for as long as I can remember. Nintendo vs. Sega, SNES vs. Genesis, PlayStation vs. N64, PS2 vs. XBox and now, PS3 vs. XBox 360. When two products have similar capabilities, comparisons will be drawn, naturally. When it comes to consoles, such comparisons often turn into heated, insult-riddled "debates" about which is the better system. Here are some popular talking points from both sides:

-Processing power
-Exclusive titles
-Multiplayer interface
-Blu Ray player
-Controller preference
-Genre superiority
-Your mother

I am lucky enough to own both a PS3 and an XBox 360 but if I was told I had to choose only one, I'd give up the PS3 in a second. Why is it that I prefer one to the other? Is it any of the reasons I mentioned above? No, not really. Sure, I think XBox has a better online system in place but PSN does its job sufficiently AND it's free. So, then, what is it? For me, it came down to one thing- money.

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Persistantthug3108d ago

People have been arguing LAKERS vs CELTICS for years...decades.
Ford vs Chevy and Yankees vs Red Socks has always been popular too.

So if people want to argue which console is better, how is that any better or worse or fundamentally different?

People can argue and debate without getting indignant and personally insulting.

Now, if the debate/argument devolves into a personal insult-fest, then that a fault of the particular person....not the subject.

Console Wars are fine.

Lakers for the win! ;)

AntoineDcoolette3108d ago

I just don't understand why some 360 fans or Ps3 fans can't be chill and accept the fact that the other console exists and people like it rather than going off on massive hate filled tirades.

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ZombieAutopsy3109d ago

Guys guys guys....Dreamcast>Everythin g else.

mzm1193109d ago

Haha I did like the little screens. If you think about it, dreamcast and ps3 are similar in that they were both expensive and lacked early adopters. Although, I don't think PS3 had the same programming obstacles.

mzm1193109d ago

apparently I'm an idiot and when I click agree or disagree, I do, rather than my iphone showing who agreed or disagred. Disregard my agree and disagree on the two comments above.

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