Exclusive New Screenshots of Halo: Reach Corvette Map

Check out these screenshots from the newest Halo: Reach Firefight map, "Corvette."

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CrAppleton3105d ago

I like the Covenant themed maps.. looks sweet!!

bgrundman3105d ago

I completely agree. There needs to be more like this!

lastdual3105d ago

Now all we need is a snow level...*crosses fingers*

BeaArthur3105d ago

I've never been as big of a fan of Covenant maps just because I feel like they like variety in color. Although, I am looking forward to Zealot, that map looks pretty damn cool.

bgrundman3105d ago

I wish the game would just come out now.

TrevorPhillips3105d ago

September 14th 2010 baby woooo!

bgrundman3105d ago

Do you have a copy preordered? I know I do!

CrAppleton3105d ago

Hell yeah! Can Not Wait!!!!

killyourfm3105d ago

Firefight was the only thing that saved ODST from the bargain bin....I must have played that mode alone for 60 hours.

Stuart57563105d ago

Even though it ended up in the bargain bin! These screens look three years old, 360 is maxed out!

mcstorm3105d ago

Halo is not KillZone it is a game that is fun to play and people keep going back to it.

Where Killzone every one went wow it looks amazing played it finished it and did not touch again.

This is the difference between a game that looks amazing and a game that plays amazing.

Dose anyone really care if the 360 is maxed out the wii has been maxed out from day one and on one comes up and says its bad DS the same Graphics don't sell games game play dose look at the sales and you will see.

I have a ps3 too before people start saying im a fan boy but why is it all of a sudden about graphics whith you ps3 owners is it because for once the ps is more powerful than the other machines out there because the ps1 and ps2 games never looked the best compared to the other consoles but you did not car then.

belowradar3105d ago

Go back to your bridge dude.
Bungie has stated many times that they completely reworked the Halo engine for Reach. If you had played the beta you would know that the game plays and looks great.

mcstorm3105d ago

Well said I forgot about the beta it did look good and it is set to be game of the year I think.

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