Kane & Lynch: Dog Days or How I Lost My Dinner

AnalogHype: This is not a review. I stopped playing this game after ten minutes and will never play it again. This is just my reasoning for why.

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krisq3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

How about turning 'Steady Cam' on in the options??

SilentNegotiator3106d ago

Even then, the camcorder filter effects are pretty ugly.
It's pretty annoying to have to deal with that all the way through a game.

And like the article mentions, the enemies still have the same old android AI.

The only big difference from the first is that the cover system actually works (though still, not perfect) and some new MP features.

FragMnTagM3106d ago

I didn't care for the first one, but when this one gets a little cheaper I will pick it up.

CrzyFooL3106d ago

You can turn the shaky cam off. lol. l2options menu.

Redempteur3106d ago

well he did turn off the camera in the options the article

GuruStarr783106d ago

Read the article instead of trolling every Kane and Lynch post.....we get it, you played it and have your opinion.