gamescom 2010 – Microsoft Play Day shots

Microsoft has released some assets from its gamescom Play Day and VG247 has got ‘em for you below the break.

There are over 40 shots of Kinect Sports, Joy Ride, Fable III and Kinect Adventures.

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Wizziokid3106d ago

I wanted announcements not more Kinect crap, seriously MS... WTH?

Lou-Cipher3106d ago

That is what happens when you have no 1st or 2nd party studios.

Microsoft depends on multiplatform games, so how are they going to announce any new games when all the exclusive games have already been announced.

I know Sony is constantly announcing new game after new game, but we cant expect Microsoft to do the same. They just dont have the studios or the talent to keep up.

La Chance3106d ago

"Microsoft depends on multiplatform games"

Yeah thats why their most important games this year are ME2, Reach and Fable 3 for instance.

Lou-Cipher3106d ago

Do you really need me to? Have you been locked in a closet for the last few years?

Just this year (Exclusive games)

1. Motorstorm 3
2. Killzone 3
3. Infamous 2
4. Little Big Planet 2
5. Socom 4
6. Sorcery
7. The Sly Collection
8. Time Crisis
9. Twisted Metal

Im sure Im missing a few

Plus, that isnt even counting 99% of the Move titles. Not to mention the real possibility of something being announced in a few hours.

Let me ask you a Question.

How many core 360 exclusive games are being released AFTER Halo Reach?

How about

How many core 360 exclusive games are being released BEFORE Halo Reach?

Need Help?

The answer is 0.

The 360 only gamers have to wait from Sept 16th 2010 to March of 2011 before the get another core 360 exclusive.

fooltheman3106d ago

@La chance
Mass effect 2 is multiplatform... Well it is now...

nickjkl3106d ago

i just got disagrees for posting 2 links to games the 360 and ps3 have exclusively

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Megaton3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

It's not gonna stop any time soon. They're putting a lot of eggs in their basket with Kinect, so it will be pushed accordingly. Even if it costs them gobs of money, they won't allow Kinect to appear as a failure, so expect marketing of Halo-like proportions.

Don Mattrick's interview with GameTrailers moments after their E3 conference was a good taste of what's coming. Claiming that their user base and everyone at retail is extremely excited for Kinect based on their conference alone. In reality the internet and TV outlets like G4 took a collective shit on it, but it doesn't matter if reality backs up the narrative. Keep projecting the image of success at all times.

All I know for sure is that it'll be a facepalm-heavy environment this fall.


Omega43106d ago

Haven't seen that space game before, thought Kinect Adventures was just the obstacle course, balls and rafting.

Optical_Matrix3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Once again, MS fails to bring anything worth talking about to the table other than Kinect demoes and gameplay of stuff we already seen demoed/know exists. They said wait for E3. We did. Then after that travesty, they said wait for Gamescon. We have. And we get this 'Play Day' foolishness. I guess this is what happens when you try to run before you can walk.

Cold 20003106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

"They said wait for Gamescon"

Troll harder.

@below "Don't label me a troll because you're butthurt" LOL of course TROLL.
You cant even troll correctly, you invent sh!t then talk crap when proven wrong.

Optical_Matrix3106d ago

No need to. After E3, all the fanboys said bu bu bu but Gamescon. Not only did MS dash their hopes and dreams in the article you just linked me to, but today 'Play Day' only brought down the Ultra Combo finish that was Xbox fanboys hopes for a decent announcement. Don't label me a troll because you're butthurt.

Thecraft19893106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

God m$ wtf another shit conference i was expecting AAA games new IPs since they missed from e3 halo and gears are huge sellers but 2 good games cant drive a console 360 is fucked unless m$ get some games new IP's

mac4u103106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

MS are in for a shock if they think this will replace controllers. need some evidence... they discontinued the MS wheel thinking people want to hold their arms out in the air for long periods of time while playing driving games. Sony and MS want some nintendollars that's all.

nygamer283106d ago

there not discotinuing controllers,thats stupid

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