Bethesda using 'Fallout Tech' for new title rumored to be next Elder Scrolls

The latest news from Bethesda is that the publishers are working on two new titles. One of the titles will be based off Fallout 3 tech and has already been rumored to possibly be an Elder Scrolls sequel.

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writersblock3107d ago

Fallout 3 tech was terrible, glitch filled with outdated graphics and a poor colour filter

NEW ENGINE, you've been using the same one since oblivion

AndrewRyan3107d ago

That the engine is horrible, however that being said, the games are just amazing single player experiences that last days, if not a month, or even years! I still play fallout 3 for my PC today and the amount to do in the game is ridiculous. I can not wait for Elder Scrolls 5, even if the engine is not the best.

frostypants3107d ago

You could do MORE in the 10+ year old Elder Scrolls games. Their new games are actually more constrained.

darkequitus3107d ago

Yes, this engine is tired. However, Obsidian have held the glitch-fest to a reasonable level by all accounts. They could have ungraded from the old Gambryo to Gamebryo Lightspeed

A Cupcake for Gabe3107d ago

Agree. The next Fallout and Elder Scrolls needs to use the idTech5 Engine

SOAD3107d ago

Worse, they've been using the same engine since Morrowind.

palaeomerus3106d ago

Yep. Good old NetImmerse/Gambryo.

Reibooi3107d ago

Yeah that engine really needs to go. I don't understand why they are still using it. We heard not to long ago that Id Tech 5 is only gonna be used on games within Bethesda and yet they still are not using it for their next game? Why the hell not? That Engine would not only make a Elder Scrolls game look insane but it would in theory make the game feel more like a livable world thanks to the nearly limitless ability to add things into the engine.

Really Id Tech 5 was made for a Elder scrolls type of game and still they don't use it. I just don't understand.

reckoner3107d ago

was fine for Fallout 3. It needed that bleak, post-apocalyptic look to it. But I agree with you on the glitches and graphics.

SaiyanFury3107d ago

I enjoyed Fallout 3 just fine, but I was one who waited to buy the GOTY edition. It was far more glitch ridden than the original version. Friends of mine borrowed my game to play the extra content that wasn't available in the original game and they were flabbergasted at how many times the game locked up. Personally, I've seen it lock up 6 times in 2 hours. Yeah, Fallout 3 Tech, not so good. At least not in the Game of the Year Edition. Oh yeah, my brother in law has the same version for the Xbox 360; exact same issues. He prays every time he plays it, that it doesn't freeze up.

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JonDiskonected3107d ago

id tech or something like that, bethesda has access to it and it looks jaw dropping

frostypants3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Old tech is old.

Roper3163107d ago

I agree with writersblock. FO3 while a great game was still a mess tech wise even after the patch. Froze like crazy and just a ton of bugs & glitches. I never had to hard reset my PS3 like I did while playing FO3. Hopefully they fixed those issues for this new game.

washingmachine3107d ago

glitcht goodness coming lol

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The story is too old to be commented.