Is DICE’s ‘something great’ Mirror’s Edge 2? And is it the sequel we want it to be?

EA’s premiere shooter developer has something cooking. VGD hopes for a Mirror's Edge sequel, but worries it would come at a high price.

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HairyArse3108d ago

As long as it doesn't induce motion sickness like the first game did, this'll be a day one purchase - if it ever materialises.

Quagmire3108d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Mirrors EDGE 2, for the love of Zeus, PLEASE LET IT BE MIRRORS EDGE SEQUEL!

Acquiescence3107d ago

Mirror's Edge 2. No multiplayer. Bring back the same guys that did the soundtrack for the first one. Please let it happen!

mikeslemonade3107d ago

You're so wrong. With Multiplayer!

kneon3107d ago

The way the story ended lends itself quite well to a 2 player co-op mode.

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Ocelot5253107d ago

never had motion sickness, I even disabled the crosshair

Syaz13107d ago

motion sickness is part of the appeal, but i understand you, so i do hope they at least provide an option for people like you. no harm adding extras.

Nihilism3107d ago

Motion must have played the console version. The PC version had a default fov of 90...and moddable to any aspect you like. Eg. 16:3 for eyefinity motion sickness on PC.

danielle0073107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

I never got motion sickness.

& I mean, how is it not going to induce motion sickness on people that get motion sickness often?

It's a first person platformer. She does wall running and hasta turn quickly.. There's no way around motion sickness for some people, unless they get rid of the first person.. or the platforming.

And then it wouldn't be Mirror's Edge.

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Arsenic133108d ago

Mirrors Edge difficulty should not be altered. Casual gamers need to get better.

The only thing ME2 needs is more moves, better story, and bigger areas with alternate paths.

dirigiblebill3108d ago

Don't forget less gunplay.

Acquiescence3107d ago

This is a first person platformer, not shooter.

Ocelot5253107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

there was not much emphasis on gunplay to begin with, you can complete the game without firing one shot

JakemanPS319943107d ago

actully i think *spoilers* that u have to shot the servers or what ever the hell they are in the last level to get to ur sister

Megaman42xX3107d ago

Actually the one shot you need to take is with a sniper to take out a van. You can run around the server room and let the other enemies shoot the servers while you use them as cover.

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darren_poolies3107d ago

WHen I read ME2 I assumed you were talking about Mass Effect 2 and I was going to say, better story and alternate paths? What are you smoking? But then I realized. My bad, on second thought what am I smoking?

Anyway I really enjoyed the first game so I hope this happens. :)

Syaz13107d ago

people do get confused mass effect with mirror's edge sometimes since their initials are the same.

anyway, i do agree with that the me2 needs a better story and alternate paths. also less gunplay, since it detracts from it's uniqueness, not to mention the gunplay was pretty bland, and faith doesn't really looks like the gun-totting kind of chick. melee weapons, with the rare small guns moments perhaps? i could see if faith tried to escape prison, we could have a go at the shiv.

jerethdagryphon3107d ago

jakeman you can melee the servers

dgroundwater3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Agreed Arsenic. There is nothing wrong with the game's difficulty at all.

"[But] I thought it felt quirky jerky, halt and stop, rush and get thwarted in a way that wasn’t as satisfying for some gamers" EA's boss said.

"Some gamers" need to get better. After completing the campaign, and brushing up your skills in the time trials, the story mode becomes an constant motion of acrobatics. I would hate to see the challenging set pieces like the Atrium be pushed aside for alleys and linear rooftop hopping.

HeroXIV3108d ago

I hope the preserve that amazing art style. Actually, it'd be good if they did an entire game kinda like the DLC.

Fishy Fingers3108d ago

Mirrors Edge just screams sandbox to me. That's the direction I'd like to see it take, although the detail required for decent level design on that scale would be a pain in the ass for the dev. But that aint my problem :)

Syaz13107d ago

yeah, the world is just beautifully designed. but sandbox is too much work for dice, and not necessarily effective. sub-free roam is enough for me. each level could have some side quests you can do to obtain more items and achievements perhaps, like achievements to collect items. a free roam area as big as the ones in alan wake would suffice.

mrv3213108d ago

Ok, either fix the gun play or remove it, I'd love a open world version of this game with better gun play and multiplayer, imagine your friends running up walls and pulling off amazing shots.

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