Written Off?

It seems that every news article thats hitting the web regarding the PS3 has something to do with it failing in the console marketplace.

The question being where are all these facts about the PS3 being so bad coming from. Wherever you look there are forums with flame wars going on 24/7 and analysts helping the PS3 into its coffin.

Is all this bad press justified... GamesIndustry investigates.

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D R Fz5388d ago

Pretty good read. Yet another article that brings the light the potential of the ps3.

THAMMER15388d ago

I agree that the PS3 has more negative attention right now over positive. But that is mainly Sony fault Sony fans did not ask for this type of crap all they wanted was a awesome console to follow the PS2 up in glory. The negative include the price point $600.00 for a toy is a lot. I know gamers do not look at it as a toy but parents do. I’m a parent but I am also a gamer and it is still too much because you cannot justify $600.00 against the $400.00 competition unless you offer a better product. Sony and PS3 fans try to justify the price with the whole blue ray thing and it still dose not matter $600.00 is still too much. People are afraid that the PS3 is all hype just like the PS2. We all bough the hype in 2000 when they said the PS2 was a super computer but then the X1 came out and was better. But people loved the PS2 more even though the X1 could out perform it on all angles. The same is with the 360 people are just hating it came out 1st and it almost seem like Sony is not able to keep up. The PS3 could end up being the best thing ever Sony has just ate a lot of Karma from the past media rippings of Sega and Xbox this generation.

kingboy5388d ago (Edited 5388d ago )

i just get sleepless nights because of the ps3,cant wait for this beast by my side .The money is ready, credit cards are ready for action,bring it on!

TheMART5388d ago

I would get sleepless night about the PS3 if I thought of getting one also, because:

1. When it would be turned on, it would count down the Cell cores from 7 to 0 and slowly Barbie Ken would be displayed in a pink balletskirt

2. No games would be available besides having Killzone 2 CGI video installed on the harddrive and all my friends would be playing Gears of War

3. The online gaming service is just the PS2 service only it's name has been changed, no connection errors and lags that last as long as sh*tting a dinosaur egg

4. The BetaBluRay drive lost from HD-DVD and Sony spend the most money on that part in the console which would get me thinking: "Well it's a game console, why isn't the CPU or GPU the most expensive part in it? Oh wait! They needed to push the format to get their asses out of debt. But damn it didn't make it to standard. So now what? Urm. Damn buy the same games as my friends do on their 360 or Wii, but pay 20 to 30 dollars more for it... mmhhhh makes me thinking!

5. OMG the Cell has great raw potential in the manual it's stated but in fact it doesn't do any good for games I see Genji 2 and a giant enemy crab but it looks like a PS2 game...

6. DAMN! The textures in my GPU can only be up to 256 MB and the new Quake Wars uses textures of 324 MB!!! G*ddamn Sony you got me f*cked once again and my friends on 360 have a flexible 512 MB memory GPU availability. Why don't have we?

7. OMG OMG OMG Gears of War on my PS... Wait a minute! It's on 360, freaking hell... Drive care I must drive car, GT4 HD it looks like PS2 game smugged up... Oh wait, Forza 2 on my PS OH NO it's not... Well then Tekken 6... WTF WHY DOES IT LOOK LIKE A N64 GAME???

8. ...getting sweaty now in my nightmare... Well Sony this is pissing me off. For real. I bought two 4.000 dollar 1080p HDTV's especially when you said ALL games would be in 1080p and I would have 2 x HDMI output on it. WELL G*D AND BARBIE KEN ARE DAMNED! All games are in 720p! Argghhh what the f*ck is wrong with you!!! Microsoft said it already it is the best resolution for now! Damned you Ken! I could have saved me a lot on just buying a 720p HDTV! AND WTF??? Only 1 x HDMI? Man I should cut your d*ck off and let you eat it, I just bought 2 HDTV's for it... Waking up again sleepless whole bed is wet from sweating...

Suddenly I think: oh well. Sony won't be able to supply the shops at all. I will be saved. Even with all of my fanboïsm for Sony and having dreams of Barbie Ken in my @rs, in the shop I will be saved, no PS to buy and there it is the 360 with Gears of War and Forza 2. My biggest enemy in my fanboys mind but I will just buy it. I won't buy hardware because there is a PS mark on it, why should I? I should buy the best console for games, with the best exclusives... Need to sleep, watch my back I think Ken is around the corner to screw me again like he did the last time with the PS2 and my DVD player broke down only after a year... Yeah... Sleep

Ugly American5388d ago

A lot of the points this guy brought up, including "the PlayStation brand is synonymous with gaming around the world," was said back when Nintendo was king and the Playstation was just starting out. History could repeat itself.

DJ5388d ago (Edited 5388d ago )

technically Nintendo is still synonymous with gaming around the world as well (though, in a different manner). Nintendo seems to be aimed at a younger demographic while Sony relies on an older, more mature demographic. I think this is why both Sony and Nintendo have said that their handhelds don't directly compete with each other (Which seems to be true from what I've seen.) Middle schoolers and some high school kids prefer the DS, while some other high schoolers and most college people prefer PSP. But this is just from what I've seen.

I don't think Sony's going to fail. They just have too many great technologies in their box and too many great games to sell it. MGS alone will sell a crapload of consoles. Microsoft could've taken a hell of a lead on Sony but...there haven't been very many games to justify a purchase. Gears of War is one title, and shooting aliens isn't something that appeals to EVERYONE. As great as the game might be, it takes a lot of diverse, triple-A titles to reel in everybody. 2007's where the real fight begins, and I'm wondering how much Microsoft will have to offer.

TheMART5388d ago

The real fight is this Christmas. @ Christmas there are the most people out to spend their money.

SO give me like 5 titles on PS3 why people should get on this Christmas. Because there isn't much that can compete with Gears of War and if you don't like shooting aliens, racing in the best racinggame up to date Forza 2, or maybe for kids? Viva Piniata. Oh wait, you could like PGR3, Kameo, COD2, Oblivion, FNR3, Prey, Dead Rising, Rockstar Table Tennis and those 160 titles in total.

Compared to what exactly? Genji 2 and 6 other launch titels that will be available?

Watapata5386d ago

actually, the real test is next Christmas after PS3 devs have had at least a year under their belt with the final hardware