Gamescom 2010: Xbox Titles Announced For Windows Phone 7

NowGamer reports on newly announced Xbox titles coming to Windows Phone 7.

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Christopher3105d ago

Some 'of course' games, and some 'wonder how they're going to do that' games. Good mix of games and can't wait to see how they're implemented.

lelo2play3105d ago

Quite a lot of games. More then i thought... looks like there are some good games over there.

Wolverick3105d ago

Anyone know if a release date and carriers for WP7 has been announced?

otherZinc3105d ago

I agree, that is exactly my question! Also, price?

gamingdroid3105d ago

Price is probably comparable to an Android phone or iPhone. That would make Windows Phone 7 around $300-500 for no contract phones or around $50-$200 with contract in the US.