GC2010: Crysis 2 Nano And Limited Editions Announced

Ironstar: Crytek has just announced that Crysis 2 will be receiving two variations of collectors' goodness, the Crysis 2 Nano and Limited Edition.

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jay23107d ago

Time to nip down to see Phil to pre-order the Nano Edition then, I've got to go close to his shop today anyway.

N4GAddict3107d ago

Nano costs the same as Kinect.

CrzyFooL3107d ago

yeah but at least with the nano edition you can be hardcore!! :-p

jay23107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

How can you conpare Dis-Kinct to Crysis 2?
In any case, my Pre-orders been updated.

N4GAddict3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Ill stick with the regular edition.

CrzyFooL3107d ago

Ummm the statue is pretty cool I guess.

Sandwich Bender3107d ago

I'm excited about the backpack!

Prcko3107d ago

i starting to hate those special,ultra or very rare omegaultra editions lol
i hate money,but i can't live without it -,-

MGRogue20173107d ago

I really want to get this game.. but why does it have to come out next year? I mean, Holy shit dudes.. :(

By that time.. It will most likely look outdated.. I hope not though.

crck3107d ago

Outdated compared to what? I don't see any pc games coming out this year that will push hardware. I know I've looked. Been trying to justify getting a 2nd gtx 470 for SLI but don't see anything that will need it at 19x12.

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