Rumor: Lucasarts Cancels Force Unleashed 3

Kotaku writes: "New Lucasarts president Paul Meegan certainly isn't wasting any time. Barely two months into the job and we hear he's already swinging the axe and cancelling high profile sequels."

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Galaxia4605d ago

I really really hope this is true. Force Unleashed is the worst Star Wars game I've ever played and I wont be buying TFU2.

I hope Meegan brings Lucasarts back on the rails and finishes Battlefront 3, and starts work on Jedi Knight 4, KOTOR 3 and Republic/Imperial Commando 2. Those games were the reason Lucasarts was my favorite developer last gen.

Galaxia4605d ago

Actually after reading the article I am a bit worried. This guy is cutting of all ties with external developers and will be focusing solely on in house development. Which is bad because 90% of all great Star Wars games were developed externally.

Something bad is going on at Lucasarts. First Battlefront 3, and that Indy Game, and the string of new CEO's coming and going, and now this. Hopefully they will learn from this failure.

T9X694605d ago

The famous

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GWAVE4605d ago

I agree that Force Unleashed was lame. In terms of hype, it was the GTA4 of the Star Wars franchise, and - like GTA4 - it was a poor effort.

rogimusprime4605d ago

if TFU is the worst star wars game you've ever played, clearly you never laid eyes on Masters of Teras Kasi on Playstation or Revenge of the sith on PS2. I agree the force unleashed was overhyped and we all hated the star destroyer part, but it was a step in the right direction. TFU 2 might be pretty decent - which is all I can expect. That's a big license to live up to. Oh god, getting a headache thinking about teras kasi.... rather play rebel assault II forever....

Galaxia4604d ago (Edited 4604d ago )

Yep you are right, I was lucky enough to not play Teras Kasi, and I didn't play the Revenge of the Sith game either. That is why I said TFU was the worst one "I" ever played. lol.

And no, the step in the right direction had already been taken with the Jedi Knight Series. I was hoping TFU was going to be a Jedi Knight spiritual successor, but I was sadly mistaken.

Edit: @ below, Empire at War was actually pretty fun, I loved the space battles, if they could fix some of the problems it would be fantastic.

DJKGBYF4605d ago

I don't like the part about TFU2, but I have to agree 100% about BF3, JK4, KOTOR 3, and Republic Commando 2. Also, how about another Galactic Battlegrounds or Empire at War?

Eiffel4605d ago

Good. Bring Battlefront 3 already, enough of this crap.

ATi_Elite4605d ago

Battlefront 3 is in development for PC PS3 360. YIPPEE!

Don't know what's up with Lucasarts but Star Wars would be better if they just let other big name studio's with all the talent and experience handle it.

Cancellation of the Force Unleashed III sucks but they probably want all hands on deck for Star Wars: The Old Republic cause so far it's NO WOW killer.

not even a LOTR slayer

Wizziokid4605d ago (Edited 4605d ago )


@Eiffel would love another Battlefront game though :)

The Meerkat4605d ago


Now bring us a next gen X-wing vs TIE fighter!!!

deepio4605d ago

Lucasarts needs to go back to its roots and develop a new X-Wing Vs Tie Fighter game.

The Meerkat4605d ago (Edited 4605d ago )

I agree, where are all the epic space sims?
You'd think the 360 and PS3 would be well suited to them.
Think of the draw distance you could get at 1080p and without lots of up close polygons to push that resolution should be achievable.

We need new games like Wing Commander, Freespace or maybe even a Babylon 5 game.

deepio4605d ago

Yup, there's a serious lack of decent space fighter games available these days. It would be nice to see some spruced up with today's hardware.

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