TheSixthAxis Interview: PlayStation Move The Fight

TheSixthAxis plays the very latest version of PS3's The Fight, a PlayStation Move exclusive, and bags an interview.

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Cloudberry3106d ago

"[Kieran Gaynor] Yeah, that’s right. It was originally scheduled to be, but in the best interest to the game we decided it needed to have some more development time."


Looks like it wont be a launch game anymore as it would be delayed for more development.

Good, I hope it would be much better then.


"[KG] You can play it with one. You can use a SixAxis pad as a rudimentary move controller but to get the most out of the game you ideally need to have two Move controllers."


PS :

Great interview.

TotalPS3Fanboy3104d ago

They have ditched the pre-canned animations.

This is awesome!!!

tdogg060519913106d ago

I don't care give them a year to make it better, I want to see a quality final product and I going to be pumped for this game.

ethan3106d ago

This game is a day one purchase...can't wait!!