gamescom 2010 – Microsoft Play Day liveblog is go!

Microsoft may have already announced its big gamescom stuff in terms of an EU Kinect release date and a PC resurgence, but there’s still a three-hour press event to go today in
Cologne. VG247 will be covering it live. Right now.

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DoctorXpro3106d ago

12.30pm CET in UK is ??????


jack_burt0n3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

11.30 gmt its running late

Wizziokid3106d ago

hour difference, it starting now

N4GAddict3106d ago

Can't wait to hear the impressions.

Calm Down Sunshine3106d ago

Microsoft Press Conference - Tuesday, August 17th:
US Pacific - 3:30am
US Mountain - 4:30am
US Central - 5:30am
US Eastern - 6:30am
UK - 11:30am
Central European Time - 12:30pm
Australia West - 6:30pm (August 17th)
Australia Central - 8:00pm (August 17th)
Australia East - 8:30pm (August 17th)

Sony Press Conference - Tuesday, August 17th:
US Pacific - 9:00am
US Mountain - 10:00am
US Central - 11:00am
US Eastern - 12:00pm
UK - 5:00pm
Central European Time - 6:00pm
Australia West - 12:00am (August 18th)
Australia Central - 1:30am (August 18th)
Australia East - 2:00am (August 18th

EA Press Conference - Tuesday, August 17th:
US Pacific - 7:00am
US Mountain - 8:00am
US Central - 9:00am
US Eastern - 10:00am
UK - 3:00pm
Central European Time - 4:00pm
Australia West - 10:00pm (August 17th)
Australia Central - 11:30pm (August 17th)
Australia East - 12:00am (August 18th)

TheMART3106d ago


The VG247 Liveblog just started... But I prefer video/audio.


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