Gamescom: Sony, Quantic Dreams Didn't Expect Heavy Rain to Sell

IGN: Released in February, Heavy Rain has sold 1.5 million copies and is still a full-priced game. It is expected to reach two million before its first birthday. Does the success of this different, quicktime event-driven crime drama surprise you? Because it apparently took its developer and publisher by surprise.

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Forbidden_Darkness3109d ago

Great people by great games.

While i haven't picked up this game yet, waiting until they patch it for Move functionality before i purchase it :)

Orion3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Just be sure nobody tells you a single thing about the story... That will destroy your experience, believe me.

GWAVE3109d ago

That's what sets Sony apart:

They're willing to take risks and not constantly worry about the final sales.

sikbeta3109d ago


True, Thanks to that, I could enjoy ICO + SoTC...

Ultraplayerxd3109d ago

I was going to get it but someone here spoiled it for me, now I just don't see the point of a purchase anymore :(

Mmmkay3109d ago

Luke, I am your father....

Ehh. SPOILER !!!

jahcure3109d ago

I came across the killer by pp on this site by mistake before the game even came out and went on to still purchase it and even liked it enough to get the platinum.

knowing the killer is a drag but the game on the whole is awesome..i played it with my wife watching it and she had no idea who the killer was and she was so intensely involved in it, that it made the experience even more rewarding.

you won't be the platinum is highly achievable ;)

Reefskye3109d ago

@jahcure, I played it with my gf too she got really in to it, was surprised she guessed who the killer was but it was just more of a stab in the dark really :P

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rdgneoz33109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Yep, keep away from most threads or info on the game so no one spoils it for you. I know before it released, a few fan boys felt like destroying the experience for others. Overall, very good game. Love the possibilities in it.


yep you really need to get it, its brilliant

zeeshan3109d ago

I hope they will give us DLC and seriously consider coming up with a sequel or something. There should be more games like Heavy Rain!

HeroXIV3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

*Slight spoiler*

I really want to know what the hell was going on with Jayden's addicition. There were some things left un-answered. And you never actually know WHAT was the addiction IS : the MRI glasses or the drugs.


pwnzter3109d ago

I too haven't played this game yet. What I do love about Sony developers is their innovation and bringing something new/different to the table.

Can't say the same about other developers that shit the same shitty games every year after year after year.

SaberEdge3109d ago

Those are very, very respectable numbers for that kind of game.

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A change in the wind3109d ago

And yet, they still put the game out there and let us all experience something new and great. Thanks Sony.

jneul3109d ago

love to see people spin this yesterday bots was saying 1.5m was not impressive, lol bots are sad when most of their games released this year have not sold very well compared to PS3 games

cmrbe3109d ago

their highest rated exclusive err..mean exclusive not on the PS3.

SaberEdge3109d ago

That's true. Compare the sales of Alan Wake to Heavy Rain. These kinds of games can actually sell on the PS3. It's not even a big mainstream shooter and for it to do 1.5 to 2 million is very impressive. It's too bad Alan Wake didn't sell better, it is a great game in its own right.

ranmafandude3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

you seem to be like one of those rare companies that publishes/creates video games that actually care about the game's quality and reputation rather than just sales which are important too. this shows that they invest in the future for now ips(intellectual properties) all the time every generation.

look at the new ips they created from the ps1

look at the new ips they created from the ps2

now look at the games they are creating for the ps3

sony seems the only one that steps into unknown territory like that.

i hope this explains what i just said

like us so-called ps3fanboys keep saying EXCLUSIVES DEFINE A VIDEO GAME CONSOLE END OF STORY.

vs. Microsoft game studios LOL

cmrbe3109d ago

and i guess this is one of the main reason why devs like him respect Sony alot. Sony gets it.

It's not always about money. It's the same in any artistic form of entertainment. I mean imagine a gaming world without games like this like Ico or flower or Okami.

We need this and yes he is right. Devs must show to publishers why they should trust their vision. It was the same case with Demon Souls. Sony didn't interfere with that games dev's ideas and especailly the difficulty level as it would have compromised what DS devs vision and ideas of their game.

Sony could have easily forced DS devs to make it easier to make it accessiable but they didn't. In fact, one of the reason why DS sold a heck alot more than what was expected is because it was one of the most rewarding game because it is hard.

True also that most publishers don't have any balls these days. 3rd party publishers in particular. I always hear the excuse of dev cost and what not but the truth is no one is really taking any gambles this gen. Every multi-plat games feels and plays the same to me at least. It has been a very dissapointing multi-plat games this gen for me sofar.

SaberEdge3109d ago

I have to basically agree. Sony is fantastic at taking risks and supporting a broad range of content.

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