Mafia 2: PS3 Version Graphically Inferior for Better Performance

2K gives the reason why the PS3 version is lacking minor graphical features like grass and the reason is for better performance and stable framerate.

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TheHater3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahah ha.....shit nose bleeding from all that laughing. The reason was for better performance? The PS3 version run worst than the xbox 360 version when it comes to framerate, no motion blur, etc. Who do they think they are kidding with better performance BS.

Nope, I don't own a PS3. Why don't you check my fictional PSN ID and trophy Card

rroded3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

i guess this small detail over a gta clone thats prob gonna flop is something right...

so enjoy it thehater along with al your multiple accounts n friends in the msdf tho with all the trollin you guys do id b surprised if you had time ta play.

Just try not to think about all those AAA games that are redefining what a console can do. So go ahead enjoy your multiplat if you dont have the pc ta run it properly while the rest us play beyond XD kz2 u2 r/c WKC etc etc etc...

TheHater3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )
read through that thread because I am too lazy to find the post that describe that the PS3 version drop to 15-20 frames a second at times and all the other problems. Oh and it have a video showing the problems with the PS3 version over the xbox 360 version.

I have multiple accounts? This is actually the first time I been accused of having multiple accounts and be a member of MSDF.
Look at my post history, do I look like a troll or someone that is in MSDF?

rroded3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

tho i stand by what i said so many msdf gloating bout this its silly

guessing you were dissing teh devs n not the ps3 sorry
as for this game being subpar on the ps3 im not arguing the only version worth owning if you even want ta play it is the pc version imo.

Conloles3110d ago

Lol meanwhile PC gets even better graphics with a higher framerate still anyways.

GWAVE3110d ago

Well I hope for fans of the series that they can get it on a working platform, but honestly, have people played the Mafia games? It's a barely-passable GTA clone with boring driving sequences. C'mon. With games coming out this fall/winter like Halo Reach, Fable III, GT5, LBP2, CoD:Black Ops, Rock Band 3, and more, do we REALLY want to quibble over this game? Really? It'd be like arguing over who got the better version of Fracture...

sikbeta3110d ago


You're not defending your x-bros this way dude, you are doing it wrong, you have to say that PC+windows is "da best" while no hurting the feeling of your little brothers....


Whatever douches, I wasn't expecting something different from them anyway....

Two-Face3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

Did you just say that Mafia is as bad as Fracture? Oh god, why don't you just leave this gaming site, because you obviously don't know shit about games or what makes a game great. MAFIA: The City Of Lost Heaven is so much better than GTA games. The soundtrack, the voice acting, the story, is all perfect. Driving in Mafia is some of the best aspects of the game, it's very fun, and the cars are awesome.

And Mafia II demo is AWESOME. You probably played the inferior PS3 version. PC is the best.

suckerpunch3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

you are jackass. he didn't even say ps3 is less capable than 360 technically, in fact he was bashing the lazy developer for not making ps3 version run and look as good as 360 one because the ps3 certainly is more than capable of that as proven by the favorite ps3 fanboys favorite trinity killzone, uncharted and god of war. and yet you are bashing him ? i guess most of you ps3 fanboys misunderstood him, he was against the lazy developer and not the ps3. and just bcos this game looks more suckass than 360 version, you call it a probable flop, come know that was just your ps3 fanboys really can't take it do you ?. the rest of you ps3 fanboys play beyond ? what does that mean ? critically and commercially succesful games (not a flop) like WKC (is it white knight chronicles, metascore 64, not even singe A)and dont call reviews and meta score bullshit if you all keep bragging about UC2 being godlike with 96 metascore. man !....the irony is unprecedented here.

regardless of which side you are on, being a fanboy is totally fine as long you give credits and respect where they due. what is all this idiotic hatred. i admit i am a 360 fanboy but i also acknowledge the greatness of the trinity and the technical superiority of the ps3.

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sixaxis3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

Its very right to be mad and bash 2k devs, theres really NO excuse for ps3 version being even worse than 360s. We all know when developed with inspire and passion ps3 games look superb and kick 360s ass thanks to many titles marked with "best looking console game"!!
mafia2 case here is just lazy development!! anyway, this really made me stay away from mafia2, i will get PC version instead.

TheHater3110d ago

"Who do they think they are kidding with better performance BS."
In other words, their excuses is lacking just like the PS3 "port." <<See what I did there :)

SaberEdge3110d ago

This really is the weirdest generation ever. The console that has the best looking exclusives is not the same console that has the better looking multi-platform games. That has never happened before that I can remember. In the past it was always the case that the most powerful console had the better looking exclusives AND multi-platform games.

It's just weird because games like Uncharted 2, God of War 3, Killzone 2 and GT5 prove that the PS3 is a very capable machine. The problem I guess is that it is also very tricky to program for. You kind of need to program for it from the ground up, taking full advantage of the SPUs. Unfortunately it doesn't seem that some developers have the time or budgets to do that properly.

At least the situation has improved a lot. Multi-platform games have gotten better on the PS3, even though we still get some stinkers like this one.

Rainstorm813110d ago

First GTA4 then RDR now Mafia 2......... is Take two the new Valve??

Sad thing is i played the demo on X360 and found the game to be lackluster, i didnt even bother with the PS3 demo

3110d ago
kwicksandz3110d ago

how was it better?
the lower res?
the worse framerate?
the longer loads?

Motorola3110d ago

@ kwicksansz There were no longer loads, I have played both versions however you are right about the other things.

rroded3110d ago

game was smoother on the ps3 less frames droped n screen tearing n popups on the ps3 but the 360 version looked a bit better n both were def playable.

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ZombieAutopsy3110d ago

Kinda sad, good thing the demo showed me there is no reason to buy this game no matter what platform.

sikbeta3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

They lose, if they can't deliver the exact same crap in both consoles something is wrong and if they don't want to fix it, they're screwing themselves...

ndibu3110d ago

But I'm over my trolling ways. Instead I will ask the ps3 fans to use this as an opportunity to learn some humility.
Lol by the way at this excuse. Gta Iv had great game play and did not look half as bad as this does

cyber_crysis3110d ago

I'm gonna pass. The demo was mediocre. Tons of screen tearing which ruins the experience imo.

Either way if they fix it along the way i might buy...the PC version.

SaberEdge3110d ago

I hate screen tearing. I am so sick of the amount of screen tearing in many of today's multi-platform games. (I need to get a gaming PC).

Having no screen tearing, a stable frame rate, and decent anti-aliasing should be a developers first priority. Make everything work within the boundaries of whatever that leaves you. I don't know why some developers don't understand this. I can always appreciate a game for whatever it is so long as it feels stable and performs well. Screen tearing and lots of slow down make a game feel broken or unfinished.

That's why I don't like the 360 version either. It has too much screen tearing.

When will developers learn? Build within the limits of the hardware and your engine. Don't try to push a level of graphics that your engine can't handle which will only end up making the game feel like an unfinished piece of crap.

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