Dance Central Is For Non-Dancers

GameInformer "Several games are headed to Kinect for its launch this November, but few of them are targeted towards established gamers. While Dance Central is certainly out of familiar territory for the gaming crowd, it has several elements that may make it worth a closer look – even if you insist that look occurs in the dark of your basement, far from prying eyes that can observe your meager dancing skills."

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ingiomar3106d ago

Am i starting to get some interest in dance-central?
I thought it was for nerds am i lying to myself am i a nerd myself :S ??

R2D23106d ago

They should have just retitled it Duke Nukem Forever and been done with it once and for all. Seriously though, maybe I'm stupid for still wanting Duke Nukem Forever to come out, but....I need to see what it has become after all this time. Will it be the Chinese Democracy of video games? Hopefully it will be more like Futurama, it will return from cancellation by the grace of god and actually be good. Thank god Futurama is back.

MisterNiwa3105d ago

Yeah I agree, Duke Nukem has a high chance of gaining the title of Chinese Democracy Of Video Games. But only because the gorgonzola rates in 2010 dropped in Japan, this makes it difficult for the Italian-Japan friendship to co-exist in games.
When will we get to see a Turtle Eating Pizza again on the Tokyo Tower?
The further I think about this the more sad I get.
We should just wait and see... In the Medieval Age we would've been hung for such nonsense. Thanks god for being in the Internet.

KingKiff3105d ago

who said anyhting about the good ol Duke? This is a Kinect article lol

SeanRL3105d ago

Bubs+ for the most random-ass switch to a duke nukem conversation I've seen all month. But ya, futurama is awesome.

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PopEmUp3105d ago

thank for making a Kinect article into a Dude Nukem article lol

WLPowell3105d ago Show
NJShadow3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

...because a real dancer wouldn't be caught dead playing this...

Dance Central is for those who have no concept of what a good game is, or those who enjoy being frustrated. Seriously, I'm sure we can agree that whether you're a dancer OR a non-dancer, you'll look like an idiot playing this because the game is just downright weak, along with the Kinect motion detection (see Irish journalist dancing on N4G for more...) Terrible game with a decent soundtrack, nuff' said.

kasasensei3105d ago

Is Dance Central for non-dancers like Kinect is for non-gamers?

xaviertooth3105d ago

this is microsoft answer to all ps3 AAA titles left, right, up and down?

PirosThe4th3105d ago

i noticed that when i use my 360 in 1080p the actual picture is not 1080p at all.
In fact hdmi 1.2 does not support the full 1080p stream. The color depth and refresh rate are lowered to 50hz and 16bit color...
I noticed this not long ago but i guess people should now. Also get flickering in my screen.
I reckon 360 only does half 1080p or scales a 1080i signal since I can see the fields.

If u disagree is all cool but put your facts straight.

Kinect will have issues streaming data over this architecture that means that if the cpu and gpu are doing all this calculations the whole experience generated by kinect games will be highly degraded to the point that might be unplayable and nonsense. Dance central will end up being a mess. Since it will only detect close enough moves within a set range. I as a programmer can tell you that the PS3 Move is the way to go for now and that mind control games are the future and not this motion control thingy.

Ps3 is the future of humanity as we know it. Companies like Microsoft are just ruining the whole industry.

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