Complete List of Windows Phone 7 Xbox Live Games

Windows Phone 7 is coming this holiday with a huge list of games. Xbox claims: "Windows Phone 7 is bringing the power of Xbox Live into the palm of your hands. from Xbox LIVE Avatars to staying connected with friends, Xbox LIVE is now at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere."

Get the complete list of the first wave of Windows Phone 7 Xbox Live games after the jump...

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R2D23111d ago

Personally emulation doesnt bother me unless you are playing games you dont physically own, as long as you physically own the game its alright, or in special cases where you cant buy the game even if you want to. I still wish i could get a PSX emulator to work so i can play my old PSX games.

Conloles3111d ago

I wouldn't even say this list is complete, more and more games are gonna be added onto launch date, look at Youtube and how many more apps are being produced on there.

Cyorg3110d ago

Android is the best. I had a Windows Mobile 6.5 device, with a 1GH snapdragon processor (LG eXpo), and it's sloooow compared to Android phones with weaker processors. I currently have the new Galaxy S, and I'm never going back to Windows Mobile.

Firebird3603111d ago

Does this mean games like hydro thunder or trials will be on this?

MicroSony4Life3111d ago

Thats what I was wishing for too but by the looks of it the answer is NO.

I think MS is building new games for the phone and they wont be anthing like Trials or Limbo. Not saying this is a bad thing but I was really looking forward to playing shadow complex on the go.

ChronoJoe3110d ago

No. None of these games are the same as there 360 counterparts. They are built separately, for lesser hardware. I felt it was kind of deceptive when stuff like Crackdown 2: Sunburst was advertised. As it won't be anything like Crackdown 2.

iammason3111d ago

Knowing xbox live will be on these devices now, make me wonder how much different the experience will be from my couch to sitting on a park bench.

Hope it turns out to be a success, as I would love getting achievements and playing with friends on the go!

doshey3111d ago

as crappy as iphones hold up on at&ts network

doshey3111d ago

i have had no problems with them, there signal strength is weak though

LeonSKennedy4Life3111d ago

I can see this being a lot like the Zune.

It will sell fairly well, as compared to most phones.

However, it's still not going to touch the iPhone, no matter what they do to it.

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The story is too old to be commented.