Microsoft Stakes It’s Claim, “Windows Phone 7 Is Our Mobile Gaming Platform”

You read that right. The portable Xbox that the pundits have been discussing over the past few years is a reality with Windows Phone 7.

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R2D23105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Sony has already been knee deep in the "wii demographic" they have already enjoyed its benefits and its shortfalls, that being its limited lifespan.

That wont even happpen with the 3ds it just does not have the scale thats why you see such a huge "hardcore" lineup for the device because they need the hardcore to buy it as its going to be pricey and not appealing to their sprawling DS consumers.

Sony know their consumers, they dont just know them as gaming consumers they know them as MAJOR format defining consumers who launched dvd into the mainstream and have done the same with bluray.

TBH with you move is an add on and thats its biggest failing and biggest asset, from a technical point of view it does everything wii promised to do and never did. It is cheaper than Wii technology because all the components are mass produced and have been now for close to 4yrs. So if it takes off its a hit if it doesn't then so be it, its essentially the wages of a small R+D team for 5 years and an advertising campaign.

Everything in the manafacturing costs is covered in the dualshock 3, mobile phones and lcd tv's, that imo is genius.

So thats why it cant fail and tbh the generation is not here to be won or lost the only important thing was Bluray succeeding and it has. As that becomes an entertainment standard so does the ps3.

In terms of software suppport, yeah thats an uphill struggle but already the 5 or so development studios i know working on wii software are planning on upscaling and using a simple process to port it to ps3 because its cost effective and a crucial demographic extension in their eyes. And the psn is the perfect place for that.
Though I agree that the casual market is easier to aim for, I still don't know what will happen.

You say Kinect has an easier chance of succeeding, but what does "succeeding" mean? I can't tell what is expected from the companies and fans as "succession". Is there an X amount of units sold that determine success? Or is it based on functionality and support?

I know casuals will eat up Kinect, but will they move away from the Wii? Surely Nintendo wont go down without a fight. I don't mean to pose so many questions, but a lot of articles try to speak in certainties. We can only really speculate and truth be told the motion war can go anywhere. Move and Kinect aren't even on the same playing field, both MS and Sony are going different directions yet people constantly pit them against each other. It's like Killzone vs. Halo. It doesn't make sense. A more suitable comparison is Halo vs. Resistance or Metroid. Even if Move doesn't sell as well or Kinect doesn't have the "core" games, will it matter? In comparison Move may sell less and Kinect may under-perform for the "core" audience, but does that make it any less of a success for gamers? For the company? I don't think MS cares for example that Kinect may not appeal to hardcore gamers. I also don't think Sony cares if Move doesn't outsell Kinect.

Edit: My bad wrong article.

RoX_TimE_BomB3105d ago

What are you even talking about? Thats not even the topic of this article....

Conloles3105d ago

I agree, having said this this platform will absolutely own all mobile platforms (before everyone else says that the Sony phone will, its based off of Android and unless they create a whole new development platform purely for games) it is doomed to be no where near as good as what MS has with Silverlight and XNA 4.0.

FarEastOrient3105d ago

Sorry Android has already out sold the iPhone for 2010 so far, Windows 7 coming out now in competition to both is a joke. Look at RIM, their Blackberry is losing market share fast!

AAACE53105d ago

It's clear this is the future! Apple is dominating the smartphone gaming area, so it's natural that MS tries to compete with them in that area. Sony will never be able to beat Nintendo in the handheld market, so I expect the Psp 2 to be a gaming phone as well. Nintendo may jump on board if the hand held gaming market leans more to the smartphone arena.

Corepred43105d ago

Your comment is so retarded. Of course Droid is going to outsell the Iphone. Droid is sold by like 3 or 4 different companies, while the Iphone is exclusive to AT&T other than a very small of amount of people that unlock it and use something else. Iphone is still the phone to beat especially when jailbroken. Sorry try again, God help all other phones if Iphone goes multicarrier!

etownone3105d ago


Well said bro, it's good to ear someone that knows their stuff.

Good thing I've been holding off on getting the Droid X.
Can't wait to see the specs of the wp7 phones coming out.

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jack_burt0n3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Windows mobile vs android 3.0 vs iphone

be interesting stuff


lol i am in the twilight zone.........................

agree with you.

RoX_TimE_BomB3105d ago

This seems really interesting.... looks like MS is really swinging for the fences with Xbox Live on your cell..... Im interested in the achievements etc...The achievement whores will go crazy lol... even more ways for them to get them.

They even have invites etc for playing games on the phone.... this could be cool ... live on the go sounds interesting...

doshey3105d ago

ya well it better work better than those piss poor OS they had before for there phones, or else there screwed

user8586213105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Windows 7 does look interesting

Newtype3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Droid OS > Windows Mobile

Droid and Apple these days.

All I gotta say, GOOGLE.

Google TV is launching as well.

SOAD3105d ago

Fuck Google. Because of them, net neutrality is on its way out.

Now you'll have to pay to view websites in packages.

sports sites - 5 bucks a month

forums - 5 bucks a month

porno - 25 bucks a month

social networking sites - 10 bucks a month

and this is on top of your monthly payments to your ISP.

Fuck google.

doshey3105d ago

wait when did this bullsh!t happen. the damn economy keeps getting worse and these f&*kers want more of our money come on i cant even think about living on my own anymore now, i rather live in china atleast they have a good economy

OOG3105d ago

yeah never heard of this... but that would suck... I like to keep my money.... imagine having to pay for all that lol

AAACE53105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Yeah, it sucks that google has joined the enemy, but all is not lost! If the FCC classifies the internet as telecommunications, all of this BS is pointless and google and the isp's can't do sh*t about it!

Now the question is... will they change the classification or not? Or do we have to put pressure on them?

For those of you who don't know... our internet is being threatened! Right now, everything is pretty much leveled. But the loss of net neutrality would provide faster internet speeds for people willing to pay higher priced to wireless providers like verizon, and access to stuff like youtube, etc.

Us with home likes, will receive slower speeds and loss of access! We may get locked out of a lot of the popular stuff! It's a big mess, go check it out for yourself and spread the word!

@Ionix... nice try! But your XBL account can be linked to this as part of your XBL subscription... you don't have to pay extra!

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