Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Video Montage

Check out this video with all the WP7 games that will be coming out. Max and the Magic Marker looks like what Scribblenaughts would look like in HD.

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OOG3105d ago

This xbox live on your phone seems pretty sweet... great for people on the go.... looks like Iphone might get a run for its money but I wont know till I can try some games out.

Conloles3105d ago

Looks good, be best mobile platform for gaming hands down due to its dev languages.

tordavis3105d ago

Another device I MUST HAVE! Man! PSP, 3DS, WP7, HTC EVO!!!

RoX_TimE_BomB3105d ago

Any idea when all this drops? Looks sweet... a new phone I will need.

R2D23105d ago

think while the digital market is blossoming and growing at a very fast rate, the times of the PS4 and X720 will still get most of their sales and money non-digitally. I think consumers are more aware of what DLC is actual DLC (as in not content that has been removed from the game initially for extra money) and also will be a lot more cautious about where they spend their money. But also downloadable games have come to the fore as of late and I'm sure the development of those will continue to grow by the time these consoles come out and will make up a large amount of the sales for these consoles.

If any of that makes sense. I just read that back to myself and it sounds like gibberish lol.

user8586213105d ago

Agreed complete gibberish

OOG3105d ago

lmfao... yeah....i really dont know where he was going...

ndibu3105d ago

Seems there is potential for growth here

RoX_TimE_BomB3105d ago

Yeah hopefully it works out....Xbox live works pretty well... so hopefully they took their time with this for the phones etc

OOG3105d ago

Now my big question is... are the games fun to play....??