Xbox Live launch titles for Windows Phone 7 finally revealed, we've got the full preview

Engadget just got the lsit of some of the first launch games for Xbox Live on Windows Phone 7.
It includes new IPs, some XBLA titles and some mobile titles seen on Iphone.

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Bellcross3104d ago

They better hope it does better than the Kin, that was the biggest fail of 2010.
this looks better though.

Conloles3104d ago

Kin was half assed from the beginning, this will succeed for once.

AAACE53104d ago

The KIN was for people who don't exist anymore! Once I found out that whateve pictures or video you take will be store online where anyone could hack into it... I figured it was a waste!

They did trick me though... I started hearing about windows phone 7 and shortly after the KIN was released, so I assumed it was it! When I found out about the KIN, I was glad I made no effort to get it!

jjacinto233104d ago

the software was made by Microsoft so expect the expectable

RAZORLAND3104d ago

achievement junkies still rockin' star-tac's, watch out...

Playerz83104d ago

I could care less for a Windows phone, let alone the actual computer software. I'll stick with my iPhone and iMac.

R2D23104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

man your expecting too much, this isn't streamed or broadcasted, their not gonna announce a new hardware without that kind of exposure.

FF Versus 13, I doubt it'll be at TGS let alone at this show. If anything they'll have like 20 seconds more of the same clips we've seen at TGS.

Uncharted 3? Save something for E3 next year. Same goes for Agent.

Resistance 3 is likely your best hope.

etownone3104d ago

This is HUGE ....
If M$ showcases this tomorrow it will HUGE.

Android is already looking MUCH better than the iPhone thanks to Froyo .... And from what I hear M$ went back to the drawing board for wp7.

Anyways .... Looking forward to see the specs on th phones and more details.

bjornbear3104d ago

they just want to see the iphone fail =P

so sad.

mcstorm3104d ago

I hope they get Windows Phone 7 right as I have been using windows mobile for years and loved it because it was open and you could do more or less what you want on it. I had the HTC HD2 up until last month which has to be one of the best mobiles out there but with MS more or less dropping the support for 6.5 there was not many new apps ect coming out for it so I have just moved across to Android and this seems to have taken over from where MS left off with being open and easy to customize and the HTC Desire is more or less on par with the HD2.
From what I have see so far Windows phone 7 is locked down like the IPhone which I don't like but im going to stick with my Android for the next 12 months and look at windows phone 7 and android when I am due an upgrade and see which suits me best as windows phone 7 will of had time to settle down and have alot of apps ect out for it.

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